rec.unicycling poll - newsreader and/or mailing list?

Unicycling Access Poll:

  1. Can you access the rec USENET domain via a newsreader? i.e. can you read
    rec.juggling? (If you can’t you can still use the mailing list gateway to

    Please answer “yes”, “no”, or “maybe”

  2. Assuming the rec.unicycling group creation vote passes and Beirne sets up an
    email gateway to it, would you access rec.unicycling directly with a
    newsreader, or via the mailing list gateway or both?

    Please answer “news”, “email” or “both”.

Please replace the two “answer alternatives” above with your answer and send to If my Reply-To header survives passage through the mailing
list, you should be able to just use your mail program’s reply function to get
the correct address. Please be sure your response is NOT sent to the mailing
list address though. I will post the results of the poll in a few days to a week
to the mailing list.


Ken Fuchs <