rebuilding my trials wheel

my monty rim is dying, it took it to a wheel builder and he couldn’t true it because the spokes threads are dying due to being the wrong size,

the wheel was originaly build around a monty rim and a susue hub, it was a realy well built wheel. only it wasn’t build around a reealy good hub.

however when i got my profile hub i had it built buy the wheel builder at my local bike shop, (who isn’t renowned for his work with unicycles)
he “couldn’t” source spokes the right size so he re-used the old ones.
but since the spokes needed to be a bit longer for the profile hub they have seized up in the nipples make them impossible to turn without shearing the nipples. also the spokes are starting to tear through the rim, which is bad.

i’ve found a new wheel builder who i trust to work on my new wheel.
he does mostly dh bikes, the previous bloke worked mostly on racing bikes.

this time to keep as many variables as possible i’ve decided to specify the spokes myself.

i’m going to get an alex dx32 19" rim this time.
there probably isn’t much diference between it and the monty but i fancy a change
so, what spokes should i get for the alex and the profile?

i’m in the u.k. so they need to be readily available here.
i’m looking for the best, since spokes aren’t exactly expensive.
i’m not too bothered about colours


Just go with supplies. You can get EXACTLY what you want there and until somebody decides to really compete with them they are the one and only. My Alex/Profile rig has Marwi spokes so… those should do.

I have always wanted to see someone putt ceramic spokes on a uni. I dont know how they would hold up to trials though…

any one know the spoke size for a 36 hole suzue hub and 36 hole 19’’ alex dx32 rim?

From memory 166/167 2 cross.

2 cross is a better pattern for this combination of hub and rim than 3 cross.


P.S. I did build a few of them

N.B. that was in reply to Unispin with re Suzue Hub / Alex rim
The profiles have a smaller flange.

whats this 2 and 3 cross thinggy?

its the amount of times the spokes cross over each other,
most wheels you see will be 3 cross

to make your brain hurt:

leo, i belive you built my susue / monty wheel 3 cross, it was fine, untill it got rebuilt badly

how much better is 2 cross for mod trials rims?

I built Monty / Susue hubs 3 cross (mostly with 12G spokes)

BUT DX32(also rebadged as Onza) rims didn’t like 3 cross as the angle that the spokes entered the spoke holes was different to the angle that the spoke holes were drilled.

See what I mean…

Re: rebuilding my trials wheel

Roger’s got a spoke length calculator on his site with the dimensions for unicycle hubs and trials rims already input.

The place I’d buy short length spokes from is a BMX mailorder specialist.

Cyclesport Uk (they advertise in RIDE and other BMX mags.)

They usually sell as a pack 50 or 100 and I have bought DT black spokes from them for my freestyle uni.

Leo White

What’s different about cermaic spokes? Are they usually used more for racing/lightness or mountain/burliness?

so…a bit of searching and,

for my new alex dx32/profile wheel.

32x 169.74mm spokes 14g and brass nipples 14g
spokes and nipples by marwi if i can get them or otherwise dt (which need to be an extra 1mm longer)

to be built 2 cross

are my spoke and nipple sizes correct?

leo, doesent 2 cross lacing increase the likleyhood of the wheel going out of true?
although i can understand that the wheel will be better at handling drops. it would seem that this would be at the cost of the wheels ability to withstand sidways forces.(like landing badly).
i’m not a wheel builder though or i wouldn’t have to ask.

the trials uni i had was laced 4 cross with a Profile hub,Marwi spokes and an Alex worked great,the spoke angle was ok.2 cross is weak.

it was build by Kovachi.

I’d go for 3 cross with a profile hub the flanges are smaller - more like a bike hub (they are made out of bike hubs).

I only suggested 2 cross to Unispin because the spoke angle from a Susue hub with 3 cross was too great without re-drilling the holes in the rim.

A spoke with a kink just before the nipple like in the sketch I drew is not only difficult to tension correctly but makes for a horrible weak spot.

2 cross on a large flange susue hub with a tiny 19" rim will give a similar spoke angle to 3 cross on a normal rim.


o.k. now i understand.
3 cross.
177.47mm spokes, marwi or dt.

14g? this is the right size for the alex and the profile isn’t it?


I think Roger’s spoke calc engine may have the wrong value for the Onza/Alex ERD.

I made it 368 not 376.

It comes out at 174mm on my calculator.

Marwi are American and I haven’t seen them sold in the UK.
Sapim are as good as DT.
Black DT spokes are etched (not painted) so stay black for longer!


Good source of BMX sized spokes…

Cycle Sport UK 33 London Road
NG31 6EX
01476 40 2023

Website not working at the moment…

p.s. can anyone confirm that 14g spokes are the correct spokes for the profile and alex?

yes 14g all the way.go with DT if you can.

jagur, did you built your trials tyre yourself?
if so can you confirm what length spokes you used, the spoke calc has me unsure,(you did have a profile/alex wheel didn’t you?)