reassembling KH hub

puts thread in RSU this time

I took apart my Summit today to clean and regrease and I am in a dilemma. Should I put the cranks, bearings and spacers on first, and THEN put it all in the frame, or put the wheel in the frame, bolt it in and THEN put the cranks on?

I ask because if I put the fully assembled wheel with cranks on, then I can’t get the bearing holders tight enough to not loosen while riding and the tapered washer on the outside scrapes the heck out of the bearing holder.

Now if I put the wheel in and then bolt the cranks on, by the time I get them tightened, they are pinching the tapered washer against the frame and making the wheel not turn. What if I just flip the tapered washer around so the taper is pointing in instead of out?

it doesnt matter at all

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Flip the tapered washer around. That will keep it from rubbing on the frame.

The tapered washer spacer is just cosmetic. I don’t actually like them because they’re more trouble than they’re worth. I’d rather replace them with standard style washers or spacers. That’s exactly what I do with my Profile hubs. Profile also comes with a big tapered spacer. I replace the tapered spacer with a couple of the regular washer style Profile spacers.

Thanks. Let me rephrase. I guess I wasn’t looking for help on which way to put the spacer but which order to assemble. Cranks on wheel, wheel on frame or wheel in frame, cranks on wheel?

Yeah, and all that rubbing has given those spacers a nice sharp edge too…might take those off.

advice has been posted up top by two and a tip by one.

Thanks for the help guys. I’m going to run the spacers flange-in to see if that stops the scraping. Next issue–is it possible to pull the axle through the hub? I seem to be having centering issues. I tried to tighten one crank while the wheel was off the frame, and now the wheel sits in the frame kinda funny. I don’t know why I’m having such a hard time with this. Usually I just put the wheel on and forget about it… :thinking:

yeah you can pull it through. the trick is to tighten both bolts evenly till they both are tight.

first get the axle back to the center.

Well, I didn’t check the centering of the axle, but I but it all back together without the bearing spacer that was in there before on the one side, and everything is good so far. I’ll check it again this weekend. Thanks for your help guys.