Reasons for Unicycling.

Hey all. This thread is for everyone, so I hope you all will reply to it.

I am working on a website to promote unicycling in the city I live in, and I would like to provide some reasons why people should unicycle. I figured the best way is to ask everyone here why they ride. You can keep it fairly brief, or lengthy; whatever works for you. If you don’t mind me using your name on my website, please let me know. So, here’s the question:

Why do you unicycle?

I unicycle because its fun, its a new sport so theres good opportunity to do new tricks, and good excersize.

I unicycle 'cause if I tried to ride a bike I would DIE! (of boredom!):slight_smile:
Seriously, it’s the most fun way to get/stay in shape and I love people’s reactions! :sunglasses:

Motorists give me a lot more respect and room when riding on the road. More fun and better exercise than bikeing

As everyone has said it is fantastic exercise and loads of fun. I also love it becasue it is different I am the only one hwere I live who can ride one so it sets me aprt. Also it gets cute girls (or not) to talk with you and is a good conversation starter!

I unicycle because all the cool people are doing it (like BillyTheMountain).

I do it because of what my signature says. That and it’s very fun to pull up next to a someone riding a BMX/MTB with your coker and all he does is have his/her eyes really wide open and mouth dropped and ask why he/she has a training wheel. :smiley: :smiley:

cause its mad fun, always new stuff to try so never get bored and im the only one near me that does it so people are always jaw dropped when they see me ride, always a laugh

Well, for one thing, it’s like taking a majic pill for any gravity sports you do. When I’m getting in regular lunch rides during the week, I think I’m such a good snow boarder on the weekends. When I just spend the days at my sedentary job, I just feel weak on the weekends.

Also, it’s just so much more fun than jogging or bicycling.

Miles from home,legs are jelly,body sore-It still stimulates my brain-every ride,every time

I uni because I’d done all my sports for years and years, to the point where improvement was painstakingly slow. Trying unicycling gave me a sport where I could clearly see myself getting better every day.

Once I could do it, the floating feeling of balancing over one point of contact got me addicted. And there’s always a new skill to learn just on the horizon.

Plus muni f***ing ROCKS, dude! (See you at Lifestyles!)

it is nice.

I unicycle for a bunch of reasons. Simplicity of the machine. Great exercise. A great break from the neck, back, and arm strains of regular biking (but I admit I’m not a regular biker. Today I feel like I was thrown down a flight of stairs; yesterday I found a great bare pavement downhill run-in to a 4" snow bank and stamped down a cool jump. I hit it like 50 times, with probably 40 crashes. Into the snow, fortunately).

Anyway those are all great reasons but there are moments that make you really love the sport:

  • On the bike path at twilight, with bats swirling all around you :astonished: . You go slower and quieter than on a bike, so you notice more.
  • Making it home after a 13 mile ride.
  • Breaking your speed record. Mine was 15 mph, followed by a spectacular crash (can’t call it a UPD, I was expecting it!).
  • Riding in places people would claim to be impossible.
  • Chicks going “WOW how do you DO that?”
  • Successfully helping others ride is quite satisfying.
  • Hitting the Zone and just cruising along with virtually no effort.
  • Man vs Machine vs Gravity. And the Man wins.

OTOH sometimes it is maddeningly slow if you are just trying get from point A to point B.

LOL I mean a 4 foot snowbank, not 4 inches LOL

Because it’s flying without wings
Because it’s mad fun
Because it’s great exercise
Because it’s a wonderful achievement and a great challenge
Because there’s lots of variety that I enjoy - distance, hockey, MUni(ish)
Because most of the other unicyclists I’ve met are great people
Because it’s different.

It feels like flying.
It’s a sport I see real improvement in (other sports, I get better for awhile, then stagnate no matter how much time I put in).
Funny looks from people
Conversation starter
It works the legs (standing on the pedals; I can’t muni yet)
The turning radius is really, really small (hey cornering really tightly is fun)
I feel tall on my 29" unicycle.

Cause Its Fly As Hell!!!

you can go anywhere and do anything if you use your mind and conquer your fears.

i feel enabled when i ride.

Unicycling is a great core workout. Plus it improves strength and muscle tone.

Improves balance. This will benefit any and every other sport or activity.

Improves overall confidence not only physically and mentally but also socially as you get a LOT of people talking to you about it with a wide variety of responses.



Little kids and Old people love it.

That’s all I can think of right now…

To do this.

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