Reasons for unicycling

First the back story:

A guy I know just bought a ‘toy’ unicycle for about AUS $70.00. I warned him not to buy it as it was really cheap quality and would probably break after 2 weeks. He bought it anyway and I had to eat my words. I was so wrong. It broke after only 2 days. He is bringing it back to the shop to have it replaced with another equally cheap unicycle. Some people never learn.

The only good thing about the unicycle were the instructions that came with it. I have attached a copy for your viewing pleasure and educational benefit.

Man, that’s bad, first why buy in the 1st place after you told him not to. Second, next time just slap him real hard across the head until it seeps in. Finally, you’re right some people will never learn. They always think they’re right. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Reasons for unicycling

Looking at the lower diagram, I am interested in the axle: for the pedals to be fixed to the hub as illustrated, the axle must be bent, slanting, or have a dog-leg. All in all, it would make a very interesting ride!

The random spoke locations are a lesser consideration. So, also, is the fact that the wheel is off centre relative to the seat stem.

One can master it in only one week.

That means you need to buy 4 unis right at the beginning in order to get unicycling cracked.

Jerry Attrick

This is the bit i like best “effectively promote the growth of cerbellun” lol



That means you need to buy 4 unis right at the beginning in order to get unicycling cracked.

Jerry Attrick


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

its a disposable unicycle…lol

Damn that Burden-Easing Policy.

There’s A Burden-Easing Policy?!? WHY DOES NO ONE TELL ME THESE THINGS?!?!?

Where did he get it from?
I have a friend who want’s to buy a really cheap unicycle, i recomended that he buy one second hand but there’s none around.

I am not telling where he bought it from unless it is for a really little kid to learn on. If a bigger person tries to ride it it will probably break. Tell your friend to save up a little bit more and get a unicycle that will last beyond the learning process.

The upside with this model (according to the instructions) is that you can master it in one week. I should have started with one of these as the one I first bought took at least a month to learn :slight_smile:


does that sentence even work.
I like how they admit that their product is cheap

and then go on to suggest it is good for a totally different sport…

I was un-aware the ‘medical circle’ had so many found nick names for the humble unicycle.