Rear View Helmet

I just found this over on BentriderOnline. A helmet with a built in rearview mirror. Very interesting, apparently not in production, yet.

No affiliation…etc.

thanks for posting the information. I would have appreciated your posting even if you had been affiliated with the company…
BTW: I did not find a price - only the deposit required for preordering. Did anyone come across pricing information?
On the other hand: I am still pretty happy with my >20 years old clip-on mirror. Still looks like a neat idea, though.
Have fun on one wheel,

“The current UK price for this helmet is £64.99 and the special edition Camouflage model retails at £69.99”

Ummm- Camo! You won’t be able to see me to sneak up on- but if you do, I’ll see ya coming…


Re: Rear View Helmet

The prices convert to about $75-92 @ current exchange rates. I requested stateside dealer info, prices may vary depending on how many are imported. I hope it meets all DOT and SNELL testing.


i hope these make they way over the pond soon.what a trick.

i hope they got a good patent on that,it wont be long for copy cats to take note.i think this would encorage the wareing of a helmet ,being there is a instant feature to the Reevu.

i noticed that they are 1 size fits all,this might be the lamest feature to it.

that is some of the uglyest camo i’ve ever seen,and i like camo.i’ll take the “light carbon”

After some consideration, I have 2 major problems with this helmet:

  1. pieces of glass or steal next to my head (ok, it could be cromed plastic),

and more importantly,

  1. no room for a poney tail. What!?- they think I have a special pouch for retracting my tail into?