Rear Bumper

why’d you get a 25.4 seatpost?

and profiles? theyre way to heavy in my opinion.

good set up

can i have your uni when you’re done?

So you like my uni? I’d rather shoot myself than give it to you! :roll_eyes: What’s ur rig?

you could do both :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ve got a 24" nimbus II at the moment, but am in the process of building up a trials uni

when those cranks/hub coming? i thought they would be here on like friday or something.

they were gunna be here on like friday or something but Koxx sent them to UDC without bearings, so it’s been held up. should get them by the end of this week though.

doesn’t matter actually, it’s the first part of my uni anyway i’ve got nothing to put it in

fair enough. mine will be here probaly early next week. most probably tuesday.

fair enough.

any idea how you’ll fit them into your bearing holders without a mallet?

well the Peter guy from New Zealand and ask me a few question and stuff and i asked him about the bearings. He tried it out on a Nimbus II frame and he said it was fine. I just need to get some longer bolts, and maybe to put some rubber to pad the middle of the bearing housing so the forces are more eveningly distributed.

that is so bodgey

not really. it will work fine. i would rather do that then get a cotterless set of cranks. or get a 36 hole hub and try fit it onto a 48 hole rim.

36 hole hub to a 48 hole rim is perfectly acceptable.

it’s bodgy cause they arent the right size. i can understand a 40mm into a 42mm frame with shims, but that’s just bodge what you’re doing.

36 hole hub into a 48hole rim is just dodgy. you need different sized spokes for that.

40mm bearings into a 42mm bearing housing wont fit properly and it will be loose.

what im doing isnt dodge. its experimental and it will work.

it’s not experimental, it’s been done before.

40mm into 42mm fit in fine with some shims, duh.

everything has been done before. well a lot of things anyway.

it is experimental for me.

your idea of experimental is kissing a boy

ummm, no its not. thats most likely your idea of it.

couldn’t think of your own payout so you had to come back with mine?

you really are thick.

ummm, i didnt use your com back.

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