Rear Bumper

Are there any green green rear bumpers out there?

Miyata has/makes green back bumpers.

do you have a link?

But they only fit Miyata style seat bases.

Or just paint you current one, It would get scratched but you could just paint it again. No big deal.

Any links? I couldn’t find anything!



THATS TURQUISE. OMG :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: (joking) really, that’s more blue than green. I guess I’m out of luck.

i found red, yellow and blue. only for the qu-ax tho.

well doesn’t that just suck, what do you want it for anyway?
(please don’t say “to put on my unicycle”)

To put on my hair for a hair band.

This is what the green miyata looks like (bottom)

that would look so hot.


can’t you just paint one you’ve already got?

just buy a can of spray paint, and then just paint it, then when it scratches off, paint it again.

eeeeuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh grose! Paint it? One ride and it would look like shit. Whatever, I’ll just stick with black… :frowning:

Thats what smcmorrow said 5 or so posts ago, good work there tom…

what uni do you have?

im just emphasising that he should paint it.

is danni a he?

(no offence or anything danni)

Look at my custom uni thread

Yeah I’m a guy. I think I’m going to go shoot myself now:( .