Really old unicyclists

I’m curious, does anyone know any really old unicyclists? Like, I’m thinking, is this sort of like sex, where you just wake up one morning or go to bed one night and think I’m not doing this any more:( Is George Peck still riding :thinking: I do remember as a teenager seeing this crazy sixty something uni guy who rode around the town of Silver City, New Mexico and hopped up pretty big curbs, no prob. and I had no respect then. What an idiot I was. Are there any 60+ yr. old people on this forum?

There’s an Australian unicyclist who’s 87. I met him at UniNats last year. He’s really nice and has a great old fashioned geared uni that he made himself.


Here he is…

:smiley: THAT is awesome! Now I have hope. Thanks, Andrew!

No worries. Keith, I think his name is, also rode at the Woodford Folk Festival in 2002 in the ridiculous heat of a Woodford summer. It’s really quite amazing how well he does at his age. He doesn’t look like giving up any time soon either.


Keith McKay is his name and he is about 72 years of age.

See this article:

He was one of the support crew on last year’s Tasmanian Unicycle Tour. He has more energy at 72 than I have at 42. He gets up at dawn and runs about 10k every morning.

May he be an inspiration to us all.

Keith Williamsom of the Arizuni unicycle club is going to boast more of the older riders than anyone. I hope he posts here with a list of some of his riders and their ages. I’ll e-mail him a link to this thread.

Okay, sorry…I don’t know where I got 87 from. Come to think of it he doesn’t look 87 does he. :slight_smile:


thats a pretty cool looking gearing setup he has there, does anyone know how a uni like that would ride?, it would probally be similar to a griaffe i guess, as far as slack and whatnot.

Interesting… I wonder if the author of that article knows why they call those two-wheel contraptions bicycles.

I forgive you Andrew. It’s still awesome, made more so by the fact that he didn’t even learn how to do it until he was 65 yrs. old.
I’m looking at his 72 yr. old body and it looks pretty toned and fit. I’m determined to exercise until I die.(If you know what I mean)Keep them coming. And what about George Peck? Is he 60 or so?

Beside my admiration I am wandering what those bike chains are powering???
Any guess?

Just a guess, but it looks like one chain carries power from the cranks up to a spindle, and the other side carries the power down from the spindle to the hub. For this to work the cranks must be attached to a free-spinning spindle inside a bottom bracket inside the hub. He’s probably got the hub mounted on a set of bearings that ride around the bottom bracket.

Advantages: Build it in your garage out of bike parts. Virtually unlimited gear ratios. (It looks like he’s got the same number of teeth on the crank and hub sprockets, so he’s using different numbers of teeth on either side of the idler spindle to tune his net gear ratio.) Very sturdy, since bottom bracket structure rigidly ties fork ends together.

Disadvantages: Two chains mean lots of play between pedals and tire. Heavy. Lots of things to grease and lube, multiple bearings to maintain (at least 6 sets).

Neutral: Risk of chain grease in crotch neatly averted by stylish covers.

Your guess

My guess is that your guess is pretty close

At the first Unicycling World Championships (1984, Syracuse, NY) I took a picture of Ken Britton of NY and Hank Lucken of NJ riding together. Both were 79 at the time, and competed in some of our events.

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