really old kh uni pics?

is the orange frame ive been seeing, a kh frame from along time ago? can i see a picture of one?

ok i found a pic of what i was talking about but its not kh

whats the other color kh ive heard about?

The old KH (pre 2004) were orange. What you’re looking at there is a Summit, which came about when (I believe) the manufacturers stole the KH idea and made their own version? Is that right?

it was ment to be kh… but it was too heavy…

so that up there isnt at all kh exept the seat? it looks like a hybrid between kh pro/older version of the new version

so did kh turn it down?

cranks and hub are kh

your correct. the originals were Orange…very limited and back in the Norco days.

the summit came out in 2003(correct?) and were a prototype for a new KH trials Kris himself never did ok them but they went out anyways and we soon after taken off the market…there are very few brand new one floating around but you can still get one used for a fairly decen price. BTW that summit in your pic i s not stock…im pretty sure they came with viscount seats back then not KH(correct again?)

yes i believt the stock seat was a viscount.

forgetyourlife- when did the orange KH unicycle come out?

the orange was the first color the KH was i believe then they went to blue

The first 2004 KH branded unicycles where black. In 2005 the color was changed to blue.
The Summit was basically an orange KH prototype that went into production but was not branded KH. Practically, it is a 04 with a heaver frame and normally a viscount saddle. Also, the cranks had nibs which sometimes killed people’s ankles.

My first gen non-splined KH20 is black, but the first generation splined KH20s were orange.

And here is a picture of the first-gen splined KH20 I stole from :

I have an old orange KH, and three of my friends have Summits. The summit is almost identical to the old KH, but its heavier and the frame isn’t quite as strong…but thats about it. oh, and it was like uber cheap, when it was around.

Oh, ok. :slight_smile:

I didn’t know there was actually a 03 KH, where they sold at the same time as the summit unicycles?


dang! the old kh on that lin kis 700 bucks! id buy it if i HAD THAT MONEY.

jesse you can get a bedford trials with profiles for 700 canadian whay would you buy an 8 spline old KH?

thats exactly what i was about to say. or get a nwe KH

I love summits !!!