Really nice (rare) review of the Essential Guide to Muni on


I suppose this should go in the articles thread but I thought I’d post separately as it’s the most comprehensive, positive review on muni that I’ve seen on

Hopefully it might open a few minds on the part of mountain bikers.


It is indeed a well-written article, and the praise is well deserved as your book is of the highest quality… you’ve done very well to distill your decades of experience into paper form!

I love this quote…

It seems you’ve already opened the mind of the reviewer… and they’ve even linked to the Unicyclist forums! I sure hope we win some converts.

Good article and aside from the ocational mistake (maybe they were typos) accurate.

My favorite pic: Turtle and Turtle Jr.

Great! :slight_smile:

Look what is on the front page of MTBR today!

Our two wheeled brethren at MTBR are giving more great exposure to our little sport with this article on the front page today.