Really Good Deal on Nimbus Hoppley!

I found this on ebay… A pretty good deal

looks pretty good…the tire is listed as heavily worn so it may be pretty banged up. The seller only posted stock photos so I might ask for photos if I were interested.

Already did hours ago haha!

Just remember, even a worn CC tire is great to ride on.

For me at least.

I dont think thats the worry. If the cc very warn its clearly seen a good amount of use so the unicycle its self is probably not in that great condition and theres no photos of it so whos to know. It may end up not costing much but if its a pile of junk it could be an exspensive pile of junk.

I asked the guy to email me pics of the actual uni, or post some to his ebay ad, and he replied, “I can’t. I don’t have a camera”. Hmmm, I wouldn’t buy it sight unseen. No way. But that’s just me.

So anyone living in the states had there nimbus hoppley stolen?

It would be cool if there were real pics…Looks like a good deal but shipping to Canada would cost $$$ well for the duty.

Look at his join date, “May 07” seems a little too fishy to me. I wouldn’t buy from somone like that who won’t even post real photos of the uni. You got to remember people get ripped off alot on ebay.

Yep. If the seller wanted to, he would be able to find a way to get pics up, either by borrowing a camera from a friend or family member who is very likely to have one. Especially if he’s savvy enough to go through all the steps necessary to get an ebay account. Sounds like an excuse to me. Also, the seller has almost no selling/buying history on ebay.

The name seems like it might be kinda overkill trying to make him self look respectable. peacefulcourageousguy
I would love to see what condition it is in. I don’t think i would part with that much money without at least a little proof that is isn’t bent into pile of metal.

in the famous words of the internet…“pics or it didnt happen” (in this case pics or it doesnt happen)

Same guy is now selling a Coker (or Corker, as he spells it)
ebay link

Creepy Crawlers wear down from just riding around on pavement.

I’ve barely put any abuse on my DX and my tire is about 1mm from being bald in the center.

I’ve only done drops just over 2 feet, and some light trials, along with some freestyle tricks I’ve been trying to learn. It’s honestly still new minus me customizing the frame and the tire being worn.