Really Confused and MAD

It sounds like you found a good bike shop. I am a big proponent of local bike shops, and we all do better if we can keep the good ones around.

I’m glad to hear that your tire is good as well. Good news all around!

Good news that all ended happily. Having a relationship with a good local shop is important and you can often learn things from them.

Bungee cords on hooks are a good way to store uni’s in the garage - at least the smaller ones.

THREE checks of the bead while inflating? Yikes. Now that is being careful!

I try to throw my LBS some business, so that there will always be an LBS. It’s hard because they are full pop. But I did buy some gloves, and some pedals a while back, and my last tube.

On the other hand it would have been a bit cheezy to charge for inflating a tire even if he did check the bead three times and bouce the tire.

Yup. get to know the folks at your LBS even if like me you get to be known as “that unicycle guy who always wants weird stuff”

There are 3 bike shops that I go to regularly. Sometimes just to chat, sometimes to buy stuff, and sometimes for advice. Two of them give me deals almost every time even though I don’t really buy that much stuff there.

I think this was more of his advice to me… If you teach someone someting and it doesnt go right, then you look like an arse… This is why I dont teach people how to fix thier own cars anymore!

Good to hear your getting along with your LBS. Same thing happened to me with a free MTB I was set on fixing. I really took a look at the MTB and decided it was not worth it. Least I got spares from it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Definately get along with your LBS. Mine has helped me out many times. Even gave me some free stuff, I love free stuff.:smiley: I think being a unicyclist gets you more/better attention.:slight_smile: