really bored in Az Please call me!!!!

So I moved to Dewey Arizona, Havent rode in 6 monthes and am looking for people to ride with! PLEASE call me! 775-750-1474

pay for me flight and i’ll be st8 over :stuck_out_tongue:

haha I would but Im broke!

I’m down in Sierra Vista, which is pretty far from anything. I think there are some people on here from Tucson, and I think there are also a bunch from the Phoenix/Flagstaff area, if your near there.

Where’s Dewey?

Wow! Sucks to be you. I grew up in Prescott, just a few miles from Dewey and I always thought Dewey was kind of a pit. Prescott’s pretty cool though. Big enough so there’s stuff to do anyway. I think there are some riders there but I’m not aware of any of 'em being on this forum. Check w/ some of the LBSs there. I used to deal with Mile High Cycles (I think that’s what they’re called) and it seemed like a cool shop. The cool shops with young, active mountain bikers (in my experience) are the most likely to be tied into any uni activity. In Flagstaff check w/ AZ Bikes and Absolute Bikes, both right downtown (I know it’s 100 miles away, but there’s lots of country out here in the west:) ). I don’t know what kind of riding you do but there’s a bunch of Muni riders here in Flagstaff that are pretty good and over the past couple of years I’ve met probably 20 people who ride. I heard a rumor this weekend about a guy here who does trials stuff but I haven’t met him. I still kinda suck so I’m not much fun to ride with but there are plenty here who are good. Anyway, for riders close to you, Prescott’s your best bet. If you try, I’ll bet you could ferret out at least a couple of riders. PM me if you’re really interested in coming up to Flagstaff to ride and I’ll try to get you hooked up with some of the Muni bunch.

Hey Zack, POOF! You’re in AZ! Didn’t know that was about to happen. I looked on a map and it looks like you aren’t too far from Sedona. Scot Cooper has done a bunch of riding there and really likes it. Contact Scot to find out more. I’ve only driven through, so I don’t know any more than that.

Good luck finding/making new unicyclists in your area! And of course, let us know if you’re going to be in town around here, there’s always an extra MUni for you to borrow for a trail ride.

Hey whats up I live in the prescott area and ride my uni in prescott all the time mostly doing trials stuff what kinda riding do you do? any one ever wanna go riding with me some time let me know as I am always looking for no peeps to ride with

My folks just moved to Scottsdale and I’ll periodically be out to visit. If you can find some Muni rides between Scottsdale and Dewey let me know and we can hook up for a ride! I might even be able to get Corbin to come along for a trip or two…

CALL ME!! 775-750-1474. Ya Sorry I didnt say by foss! My car was broken into and all my stuff was stolen! even a uni!!!

I really hope you get riding again Zack. Team Syko needs you. lol laters

-Shaun Johanneson

Il call ya bro, is that your cell or a home phone? I havnt talked to ya in a loong time!

Ya I need to start riding again!!

Have you kept track of the new tricks and watched the videos since you quit riding? Street is getting crazy!

Ya I know Jess showed me some pretty sick ass street shit online a couple weeks ago. Im still way into trials but Street is badass and I wouldnt mind learning some sick street shit.

Hey dude I tried to call ya but it went straight to your voicemail…

mhh? thats weird try again.

i live in peoria. maby we could all get together and have like a monthly unicycling meet. that would be SICK. we should do that… do you have aim, zack?

I was also thinking the same thing we should definately get a meet going
do you know alot of good places for trials in phoenix?
Zack Ill call you tomorrow to see if you wanna ride

go for it!

If you guys are into trials, I just saw a poster in a window downtown last night (Flagstaff) for a bike trials event on April 29th. Don’t know if there’ll be any unis but I’ll try to get more details if you want. The one thing I do remember from the poster is that the entry fee was $30. I’ve never gone to one of these (I’m not good enough to do trials) but that seems kinda steep to me.