Really Bad Leg Pain


I’ve been sick lately. I didn’t go to school on thursday or friday, because I was feeling really bad. So I was a lot better yesterday, decided to have some friends over to ride. I felt fine all day. After they left, I went to get a shower and noticed that my calves hurt a little. I thought it was normal, it happens to me all the time. So when I got out I watched TV for a little bit, and by the time I was ready to go to bed, I was having trouble walking to my room. I had to go flat footed, because if I walked like normal it hurt my calves. So this morning I woke up pretty early to go to the bathroom. I tried to get out of bed, but I couldn’t walk. My calves hurt so bad that I can’t even put any weight on them. :angry: I guess it’s from making them work when they weren’t doing anything for a while. Did anyone else have something similar happen to them?



A few days after I had a meniscus surgery, I strained my calf bad and couldnt walk well for 2 days lol. It was very tight. But it was OK. I think the surgery caused the muscles to cramp up.

But my hamstring is tight today cause I overdid the exercise yesterday and the day before. Its usually about 2 days to recover! Use ice for a day or so, then ice/heat or heat after 2-3 days. If you dont feel better in 2-3 days, see a dr. Stretch it lightly too. Heal up fast!

Yeah I’ve been stretching it out, I got a bath and stretched in the warm water. They feel a little better now, but I’m going to look like an idiot when we go to the buffet today:p

ehh… 2 days. That’s gonna stink.

I’ve had really bad leg pain for 2 or 3 months now. I tore some cartilage and it moved underneath my knee. I can’t straighten my leg now. Hopefully yours won’t last this long :roll_eyes:

Does this have to do with how you were sick a couple months ago or so and you might have had to get your leg cut off because of that infection in your knee or whatever? I’d see the doctor if you haven’t already. Hope you get better.

If you were taking Cipro as an antibiotic, you should definitely contact your doctor. One of the possible side effects of Cipro is debilitating joint pain, with possible long-term consequences.

I agree if you are taking meds, read the info. If its your muscle though, either its strained which takes 2 days really to start to get better, torn, which should be seen by a dr, so if its not better in 2 days see one, or a blood clot which is very unlikely, but possible with certain meds. So if the med says something like that get it checked out. I dont think you mentioned joints hurting but if thats the problem and your on meds, I agree, get it checked out. Try ice at first as it will decrease swelling. LIGHTLY stretch it as you could tear it more. Let us know…

Nope no medication. Just Advil… I’m sure it doesn’t have anything to do with the MRSA, I have the pain in both legs. It’s getting better as the day goes on, so I’m guessing it was just REALLY sore muscles. If it doesn’t get any better in a couple days I’ll see a doctor, but I’m sure it was just the “nothing (not even walking around) for two days straight into 5 hours of unicycling nonstop” that did it.:slight_smile:

lol, that’ll do it! I am sore cause I was exercising 2 1/2 hrs yesterday, 3 hrs including weight lifting the day before, was sendentary for 7 months, bedridden for 2+ weeks from surgery and now I wonder why lol.

lol, I was supposed to lift today too, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a knee operation three weeks ago…i hope i can ride again in april…:frowning:

Be careful on the knee thing! Just cause after I got mine done, I think they blew it up with fluid to do the orthoscoptic thing and it was unstable for a few months. They only removed a tear and it really took 4 months to heal. I am just saying cause jumping off it puts a lot of pressure on your knees. Mine is perfect now but it took time. Injuries suck but everything is more fun now that I can do things again. :smiley: