really annoying...

i bought a brand new magura hs11 brake and the hose was miles too long, so i removed the line from the lever and cut it shorter.

now the problem i have is that i cant fit the hose back onto the lever? :thinking:

it will fit but its very very tight, (its not the one with a olive) it just a bit of metal that screws into the lever and the hose pushes on.

any tips on how to put the cable back on because this is really fustrating.


i believe they call it the ‘barbed fitting’

Use a hairdryer to warm up the end of the hose?

tried that but its too thick, i managed to get it on by putting the hose in a vice and hammering the metal part in

Yes, barbed fittings are no fun to install even if you have the special tools.

The fitting on the lever side of the new HS11s is different than the other Magura fittings used on previous levers. I think the best way to shorten these is to remove line from the slave cylinder, where its either an olive fitting or a regular barbed fitting.


Why did you buy hs11? I’m just wondering because people usually have hs33 and I’m planning to buy some brake too.

I did the same

I did the same thing with the new style HS33… and its a nightmare to refit!!!

Heating the hose doesnt really help… here is their video which should help :slight_smile:

thanks for the vid, i had already had that idea and done it…haha

Nae probs

LOL… there is always a hammer involved with all good solutions :slight_smile:

hammers are the best tool for everything