whats happened to street? a few years ago it was progressing so fast and then along came flatland and now all anyone ever does is flat. there r very few riders these days who still ride proper STREET.
i geuss real street is basically just using urban obstacles to do tricks. the tricks can b hoptwists, grinds, flips, spins, combos, etc. the obstacle can b anything from stairs and handrails, to just a single upright pole or a low flat bar or even a slope. u just need to stop concentrating so much on how big a flip trick u can do and go out and just look at obstacles and think of all of these different creative tricks u could do with it. creative street is the funnest style of riding ive ever tried because u can make up new tricks that noone has thought of before.

hardly anyone goes big with their riding anymore. is everyone just too scared to go big? i admit that i too am scared to go big, but for most tricks (unfortunately not all :frowning: ), i suck it up and just go for it. is everyone else just to scared or lazy to go big with street these days?
i was bored and i wanted to watch some new street videos. but i realised that their arnt any decent new ones. a new decent STREET video only comes out every few months.

i dont mean to b hating on flat, its cool, just it gets boring with so many videos and with so many people doing it etc. i want some proper street to start happening again.

chris huriwai tried the “The Definition of Street” video competition but that wasnt terribly successful as far as getting across the message of wat street really is. There is also the Street Discussion thread but it’s mostly just discussing tech street and not much big or creative street is discussed. So i thought maybe a new thread would b more attention grabbing.

There isnt really much of a point to this thread. i geuss this is just to help show u all how I see street and hopefully it will inspire u to give creative street a try and maybe even bring street back to being as popular as it once was amongst our community.

As a new-ish rider I find it a bit easier to learn flatland tricks and as such have gotten into a habit of only practicing that style but whenever I go out and about I see the streets as a playground with so many possibilities for new tricks. I just need to get better to be able to actually do what I see in my head, It’s quite frustrating but it keeps me going!

Good Street captivates me and as you said there is a severe lack of videos. Perhaps we will see an increase soon, I have heard quite a few people acknowledging the decline of big street and that might be enough to give us riders a kick in the pants.


that wouldnt b the sydney crew would it? i think australia is lucky to hav dan, alex, matty and andy because they know wat street is about and they do it!

also just to clarify before anyone brings it up: yes, flipping everything is still street, but it’s boring as hell and i still wont like u :smiley:

those guys are great, been watching them on youtube for a while now :slight_smile:

I’ve mainly heard those complaints online though.

i’m not very much into street, but for me cedric from switzerland has a great street style:

I agree with you mostly, but not really on the reasoning. Flat didn’t just come along, and the difference has more to do with the change that’s happened in street. Flatland has been around longer than street (you can call it whatever you want), it’s just certain tricks that have gotten more popular recently that people associate with “flatland.” But anyway, that can go off topic fast.

“whats happened to street?”
I think we saw more creative riding when there were less tricks involved, because people had to use the obstacles creatively or there was nothing interesting going on. Not saying that newer developments (flips) are a bad thing, they open up way more possibilities for creativity. Tech tricks are way different because people don’t need street obstacles to practice street (have to learn your flips before you do them creatively). There’s only so much you can practice your hoptwists before you need to take them down sets to change it up.

There haven’t really been too many creative street riders, so when they disappear/stop riding its really noticed. Anyone that follows unicycling can easily list off the important creative street riders, so it only takes a few to make a big difference. I think right now Chris H. is the main creative street rider, before him it was probably Luke. Not saying they’re definitely the best out there, but I think the style weighs more than the skill, and that decides if people will actually like their videos. So all I’m trying to say is it only takes a few good riders to change everyone’s idea about the status of street riding at any time. Right now there are so many good riders out there who could make a bigger difference than they are now, so its only a matter of time.

So true…

I don’t want to ride street or flat myself but watching a good street vid is far more enjoying than most of today’s flat videos together. Not that I do not respect flat riders because the have immense skills but flat vids are too inflationary. Therefore I am more entertained by a 360 hoptwist down an obstacle than by a 1080 unispin. Also street usually has more flow and is not about nailing trick after trick while not moving at all.

+1 to the comment that style outweighs skill.

i agree that there is a massive potential for street with our current day riders. the problem is, they just dont ride enuf street. im hoping this thread will change that for some.

also yea lets not go into details about flat. that will definitely go off topic fast as u said

It is winter, and I haven’t had a frame for 5 weeks.

Before winter started I wanted to have done a number of good street stuff, but I got to lazy to bike to the next town where there is good spots. Flatland and tech street are just easier to do because you don’t need to go looking for a nice 7 set with a handrail. It isn’t really about me being scared to do the trick (although I am not going to try to flip a 10 when I haven’t flipped a 6), it is just that I’m to lazy to go find good spots (especially when it is cold out).

In this coming summer I plan to do the street stuff that I didn’t get to do before though. So expect a street video from me in your winter.

Another good thing about street! Thanks for pointing that out. It’s not just a garage, backstreet or driveway video with the same boring flatland spot throught the whole video, it so many different place and it makes it so much more interesting to watch.

EDIT: Let’s watch the only video of the ‘The definition of street’ contest by Christian (or was it the only, I never seen another at least). By the way, it’s Hugo Duguay not Dugay.

EDIT 2: I’d totally do a re-edit of the video if I could get my hand on the raw clips.

i agree with you guys, there isnt enough real street… street vids are waay nicer then flat vids too.

personally, im too scared to try a lot of big street stuff, because the chances of injury are a lot higher…

plus its winter… haha

I think there’s a simple reason, or at least part of the reason so many people are doing flat, is that doing big street has MUCH higher risk of injury. Flat is relatively safer and the risk of injury is much lower. Plus, your unis will last way longer doing flat, compared to big street. Also, riders doing big street stuff are also likely to burn out a lot faster than those who primarily ride flat.:slight_smile:

i started filming for my new street vid last saturday but i just got 1 good clip and injured my ankle and it began to snow outside again :frowning:

I do not agree. I always kill my ankles, shins and knees (and balls sometimes) doing flat and tech street. While doing real street (uh, back in the days I guess) I wouldn’t hurt myself much. Not more than doing flat or tech street.

EDIT: I would film Hugo and make a street video but everytime I film him it’s for another upcoming video that will end up not even being a video or just not as good as it could have been.

Driving solves problems. I used to ride long ways to get to spots, but I won’t go anymore unless I can drive. It’s made me lazy in some ways :roll_eyes:
On topic: Team Chill does street.

I think that grinding down an 8 set or a crankflip off of a 5-6 foot wall has a specific set of risks not found doing flat, because the latter is all done on…well, flat! :smiley:

I’m trying to use the winters to learn some tricks I can take down obstacles when warmth invades, but it’s too cold, so I don’t practice those tricks much. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s doubleflips, fivespins and a little bit of transitions to and from HOW, so I can hop on wheel up and down things cooler.
I think that the lower risk in flat plays a part in the increased flatriding, along with the fact that you don’t need any spots to do it. I guess some people find it more fun too, but I don’t really know. I’m generally not interested in flat unless it’s Spencers someone I know goods riding.

EDIT: I love riding street. I can’t wait to go ride some cool spots without my fingers freezing.

A good example

Mmmmm, yum, yum. I love that vid.

When I make a vid that I want people to enjoy, I make a street video. When I make a video because I’m bored, I make a flatland video.

I go big when I can, but usually avoid going big because I break a lot of parts and get injured a lot. During the street competition at unicon I went bigger on a lot of tricks that I normally would, lucky some of them they paid off XD

Can’t wait to make my next street vid.

Also hoping this thread brings some street/flat and trials/street riders more towards big/creative street and less tech street.