Real Street - Skatepark Session

hi there!
today i went to a little skatepark and filmed some stuff.
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cedric vincent

nobody say it’s too short!

Sweet video!
Man such flow…I’ve never seen uni like that. So great
Was that a 360 flip at 13sec?
Make a longer video now

wow that was really nice!

Nice! You and the rest ot the Qu-ax guys need to make more vids!

Arm/hand plant at :19?

Really awesome, but some of the flips were hard to see because of the quality.
I love your style.

Wow, man you packed a lot of cool tricks into less than a minute and a half. You already know I love your style, so I wont say that again. Could you hook a brother up with a HQ download?

Great combination of oldschool and new school street… I wouldn’t even say oldschool, cause thats about footplants and such, but handplant 360? that is just insane!

Also loved the 360 flip off the ledge.

Very impressive!

he did a handplant 360? wtf is that

i really liked the “air” stuff.

swick vid

Great style. The video quality sucked though… do you have a hq version or something of the sort?

I’ve been waiting for a vid from you for a while. Pretty cool riding.

Didn’t like the hand plant 360… Got some decent air that was pretty cool. Flip off the rail was nice, would have been nicer one handed.

Oh…I see the handplant 360…

The part at :39 when you ride off the ramp was the best I think.

Awesome vid, but not my favourite of yours.

Mind-bendingly sexy.

first thanks for all quick responds

yes qualitiy sucked
my cam (and youtube) suck
little bit better quality here:

handplant was actually only like 270
i would call it oldschool, just because it looks oldschool^^

when i flip two-handed i got more air-control
it may look not so good
but i CAN do one-handed flips!^^


haha loved it, the 180 over the barrel and the jump out of the quarter were my favorite for sure, some gnarly stuff mate! can you send me that qu-ax intro? it was gudd

p.s. it was a little too short

cool beans mate was nice length left me wanting more ha ha x

Why dont you open it in windows movie maker and then clip out what you need :smiley:

because WMM generally smells and it was a semi transparant layer, while I want just the actual intro? have it now though