Real slick

I present you:

The 26" Slyke tire:

Material: 2-All compound 50/62a
Weight: 640 g.
26" Street tire in 100% slick version
Bi-density: 50a on the sides and 62a on the middle
Wire bead
60 TPI Casing

Let’s hope Try-all starts making 19" tire’s as well.

Peter M


That is really cool. Any idea on its width?

If you want to ride a slick tire use a bmx rim, there are lots of slick bmx tires.

Very nice tyre, can i have 1. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

nice, very nice…
though what would one use it for?
racing? freestyle? :thinking:

Any examples of good 20" bmx rim and slick high-volume tire combinations?

20g if you want to go that far. Animal makes a 2.2 slick. Avocet fasgrip makes a 1.75. The primo comet comes in 2.2 and 1.75, though it has small tread it feels like a slick and pivots/spins like a slick. Demolition has a tire thats a lot like a comet as well.

Do you know of anything like the 20g, but… not quite as big? And how about rims?

If you intend to run the 20g use a wide bmx rim so you dont have folding problems. Try something like the halo sas 20" (i think its the widest bmx rim, like 36mm or something). a 1.75 - 2.2 isnt going to have a folding problem on a normal bmx rim.

Here are some different angles of the tyre on a bike.

Damn, that looks SOOOOO good :astonished:

Peter M

Damn, that looks SOOOOO good :astonished:

Peter M

In case anyone else was wondeing it’s 26"x2.35".

sorry to be stupid but whats the point of 26" slick tyres on a bike? what is the bike main use?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say urban trials. kind of slick tyre. looks nice

I’d like to ride those on my BMX, not sure if that will fit in my frame though…

Kenda Kinetics 2.35 tire doesn’t fit in my frame… I need about an 1/8" extra clearance on either side.