real muni

can i just say,
how many of you have done real muni,
MOUNTAIN unicycling up in the mountains
if you have or if you havn’t but want to join
cumbria muni and trials club

even if you can’t come very often join and come when you can!

to join
phone 016974 76552

ps: there is a meeting on the 14th of june more info coming

According to people in France, there aren’t any real mountains in the UK, so you’ll have trouble finding any in Cumbria!

Seriously, I’ve ridden Snowdon which was fun, and would be well up for some more of our little British mountains.

I’m definately going to try and get to one of your meets at some point, but probably not until later in the year when I’ve got less stuff going on.

If you’re living that far north, you guys should go up to the new southern scottish trails that are being built to have a go, they look like pretty cool stuff to me. Glentress even has some easy north shore in the trails.


Re: real muni

On Mon, 2 Jun 2003 05:50:16 -0500, pluto
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>how many of you have done real muni,
>MOUNTAIN unicycling up in the mountains

Living in the Netherlands, my usual hills are up to 22 m high, and the
highest I’ve done were a few hundred m high. But this summer me and my
daughter plan to take our unis to the Austrian Alps.

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Seriously, I’ve ridden Snowdon which was fun, and would be well up for some more of our little British mountains.

Did you go up or down it?

I’ve often thought it’d be great for a bunch of Muniists to go up to the top on the train then ride down the entire thing.

I don’t know if they’d let us on the train with Muni’s though.

I’ve only been up into the moutains one time and it was a lot of fun.


I went both up and down, anything else would be risking my gravity karma!

You can’t take bikes or unis on the train. You could probably get away with it if you took it in a binbag though.

Personally, being stingy I’d not pay £10 to go on the train for something you can get for free by riding / walking up, its a lovely walk up and a monster ride down. I don’t think snowdon is really a big enough mountain to justify an uplift.

You can’t ride snowdon in the summer except at night. Its also a very long way away from anywhere and not possible to get to by public transport without a long ride from the train station. Its nice to be able to say I’ve ridden it, but there are probably better and more accessible long descents, it isn’t the longest continuous descent in the UK after all. It isn’t really that technical either if you go down the way the train goes (to Llanberis), there are much more technical descents in the Peaks and the Lake District, both of which have train stations near to good riding.


You love your gravity karma dont you! I remeber at BUC10 when you were riding up the downhill :stuck_out_tongue:


Not to be too snotty about it, but here in Colorado, anything that has vegetation on it ain’t a “Real Mountain”. I’m psyching up to ride Rollins Pass this year (it goes over the Continental Divide), have to wait until the snow is melted. If anyone wants to join me, drop me a note, I’m thinking mid-August would be optimal.

I guess here in Alaska we just ski on really big hills . :wink:

thats much closer to my neck of the woods than most of the uni stuff that goes on.

i’ll come down sometime, the only problem is i only have a trials uni, which will inevitabley slow me down a bit.

also if anybody is heading to glentress give me a bell and i’ll definatly come along i’ve wanted to go for ages but i don’t have a car.

i’ve never had a problem taking my unicycle on trains, i always take public transport when i go to juggling conventions etc so you can considder it from the horses mouth.
i’ve had a few buss drivers complain about my girrafe but other than that there normaly fine, if you suspect that you’ll get bother just get a big bag and put our uni in it. luggage is alowed isn’t it?