real good uni for sale

hears the link

dude thats an insane deal!

hot dang.

k heres the deal, nobody bid on it so that i can get it for real cheap haha…k good idea

I think thats my old uni.

thats such a nice uni for so cheap

God, a uni with profiles for that cheap…

It’s going to go way higher.

There’s still 5 days to go, so I doubt it will stay that cheap. :slight_smile:

Yeah, all the bids that will happen in the last minutes of it will make it go high, but it will still end up being cheap for the uni.

Its going to go way up but thats still probably te cheapest way to get a profile setup.

Meh, after converting to CND and shipping to Canada that is a bit more than what I paid for my uni (used from Ryan Atkins), which is almost the same.

Still a good deal though!

The price is up to $256, still has 5 days and 3 hours left.