Reagent frame for trials?

So Christmas is coming up and my parents promised they would get me a new frame for my trials unicycle. I would like to get a gravity frame but unfortunately they do not have them in stock at the UK, the best way to get one would to ship it from Germany and I cant really be bothered with all the hassle or the extra cost but the British does have an impact reagent frame so would it be possible to use it for trials or is it not really designed for it?


It’s designed for street and flat, from what I’ve heard the Reagent is plenty strong for trials.

The problem is the sharp corners of the frame. Thie flat top of the frame makes foot on frame tricks easier but hurts more if you hit it w/ the inside of your leg, like in big side hops. Other frames that have similar problems: Koxx Devil, Koxx Black Diamond et all, Nimbus II, Nimbus Trials, & Nimbus Street.

Some pads like KH Percussion that have padding on the inside of the knee can reduce some of this pain. I don’t know how significantly they help.

I’d recommend getting a gravity frame shipped from germany. they are cheaper in germany so the extra shipping might not be that much more.
The reagent is a good frame for flat but even though it would be strong enough for trials you would probably have more pain than fun with it.
The insides of your knees will appreciate a gravity frame;)

order from germany if you want the gravity frame, it sounds like the right choice for you and it’s literally no extra hassle at all, the process is EXACTLY the same as ordering from UDC UK. I’ve ordered from there twice and both times my items arrived ridiculously quickly, 2 days for a pair of cranks and 3 days for a gravity frame. (both things which UDC UK don’t stock, otherwise I would order from them)

shipping from MDC is a standard ~€15, which makes the whole thing come to €125 or £110, UDC UK the reagant frame will cost you £102.70 shipped, so the extra cost really isn’t something to worry about either.

basically, if you want the gravity frame, order it from germany, if you want the reagant, order from UDC UK. :slight_smile:

No. If you order from MDC you get gummy bears. At least I Hope you still do… :sunglasses:

But yeah they’re just as good as UDC. They sent me the wrong saddle once and told me to keep it and sent me the correct one free of charge. (was a KH fusion freeride instead of a KH street) Pretty awesome.