Ready to ride a 29er

Wall brackets!

Happy to look after them for you in between BUCs… :smiley:



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snip… hubby’s complaining that I’m cluttering up the house with uni’s …

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Wall brackets!

Wouldn’t you have to drug him first?


Pole barn
Give him your extra uni.
Suggest that he get a motorcycle.
Suggest he take a wheel of the Dodge.
Get him a trailer to go in when he objects to you choice in home decor.
“Honey, riding really helps my moods”

There should always be room for one more wheel.

What a happy predicament to be in.
Good luck!

To infinity and beyond!!!

I rode 4 miles for the 1st time today. It was a lovely evening. 1st time in about a month that it hasn’t been too windy to ride along the prom.
Last time I did it I went about 3 miles - but with loads of UPD’s. Tonight - not UPD’s. And I did discover that there is an advantage in many UPD’s - everything in contact with the saddle got numb after about 1.5 miles.
Will cycle shorts help this? Or practice? Or just rests?
The only trouble was that the onza seemed so slow. I know what I need. A bigger wheel. Yeah!

It’s a while since I posted regularly in this forum, so some of you may not know me. I used to ride a Coker quite hard - regular 10 - 20 mile rides on and off road. I used to do regular long rides on the 28 and even on a 24.

The Coker is easier to keep rolling, but harder to control in a tight situation.

A 29 is easier to ride than a 28.

28s and 29s are the same thing except for the tyre. The rim is 700c which is nominally 700 mm diameter. A fat tyre makes for 29 inch rolling diameter. A thin tyre makes for 28 inches rolling diameter.

The heavier tyre gives a smoother more predictable ride. The thinner lighter tyre has no advantages except elegance and grace. My pipe dream is to get a super skinny road wheel. No practical advantages whatsoever, but really elegant.

On UK roads, the 28/29 is a safer bet when mixing with traffic. A UPD from a Coker is a potential disaster - a Coker can go for a long way on its own.

Regard a 28 or 29 as a big 24, not a small Coker.

The answer to saddle soreness is to get used to it. Pedal smoothly and reasonably briskly. Wear padded shorts, preferably inside padded longs. No underwear - the seams dig in. The more you do it, the less you notice the pain. I’ve done 2 hours without a dismount. 30 minutes without a dismount should be easy.

On my Coker I have a standard Viscount seat. On my 28, a standard Miyata seat.

A little late to this thread, but I meant to comment a few days ago:

I was fortunate enough to meet up with U-Turn a couple of months ago when I was trying to decide on what size bigger wheel I wanted. Just guessing, I thought I’d go with a 26" wheel, but Dave said he’d bring along a 29er and a Coker, too. I tried all three and found, after just a couple of minutes each on the 26" and the 29er, that I LOVED the 29er. The 26 was OK, but I felt so comfortable and stable on the 29er and it went fast, but not crazy fast. The only other uni I have ever ridden up to that point was my little 20" Torker LX.

Then I tried to get on the Coker. Steveyo and Dave had to help me to even get on it. I didn’t even go one pedal stroke. It totally freaked me out!

Off to vacay. TTFN…

Don’t be afraid of the big bad Coker. It just takes courage to set off. Within minutes, you’ll be riding it comfortably. Fantastic feeling. In some ways, Cokers are too easy to ride.

I totally agree with Mikefule. It is a scary feeling at first, but do-able, and totally rewarding.

Cathy, any chance you can hook up with someone with a coker if you are entertaining the thought? You haven’t said much about it on the thread, so maybe it is out of the question.

It takes a knack that comes soon after you get up. Don’t expect to freemount it right away, either. But It sounds as if you’re plenty skilled to succeed!


I’ve ordered it. It should come on Tuesday. (Much to the amusement of the office staff at work, and the postman who said about my last uni a few weeks ago - “it’s for the one who always gets them”.
I’m feeling slightly nervous.
How on earth will I get on?

the new uni

Which one did you get!?!

It’s from UDCUK. Nimbus 29". Because i couldn’t decide which tyre to get - I like the knobbly tyre on my onza, even for road riding, but reading the thread on the tyre for the 29" made me wonder if this was the right choice. So in the end I bought it with the Big Apple tyre and ordered the Kenza tyre that’s on the KH 29" so I can see which one I like best. I also ordered it with 150mm cranks cos I felt the need for more control
The only other 29" on UDCUk was the KH & I’m too short for it


Sounds great, Cathy.

I hope it’s just right. I bet you’re excited!

I Just got a 20" Nimbus 2. I love it. Let us know how it rides!


“Get on”? A certain amount of syntactical ambiguity there. Mount or manage?:stuck_out_tongue:

The moving pedant strikes, and having struck moves on…

Mounting: quite easy. If you’re unsure, mount against a wall or pole then get used to the feel of riding. Then just go for a step up mount (not a rollback). In some ways, freemounting a big wheel is slightly easier than a smaller twitchier one.

Managing? You’ll soon be confident. Practise low speed riding, and turns in both directions. Within an hour or two, you’ll be looking for challenging terrain.

Good luck.:slight_smile:

Re: Congrats

I’ve got a Nimbus 2 20" too. I love it - it’s my inside unicycle. I use it when I go to my circus club.

Thanks for the good wishes Blake.

Parapraxis. I’m a bit nervous, I get vertigo.

I’ll have to practice the step up mount tho as I can only do the roll back mount. I did have a little go this morning but got a lite bite from my onza peddal so I stopped. It was too hot for my 661s.



Re: Re: Congrats

Near (back) crank just below horizontal. Seat in place, hand on front of seat. Give the slightest of pushes then spring lightly into the saddle. On a big wheel, the inertia of the wheel makes this easy. The Momentum of the a big wheel can make a rollback mount tricky.

Re: Re: Congrats

It’s only fair to confess, I had to look that one up. :o

Re: Re: Re: Congrats

Sorry, it just sounds so much better than Freudian Slip.

Thanks for the tips on freemounting.


I have been following your progress and questions on this one Cathwood!

I also ride a 29" with Big Apple 2.35 and have found mounting with a roll back mount to be fairly easy (which is my favourite and most used). I expect you will find the same. On a larger wheeled uni like the 29 you will have to hop slightly straight up as you step on the pedal and roll back into the mount. It is all a bit slower then what you will have been used to but you will get it very quckly! And then you can idle for a rotation or two while you get situated on the uni!

As far as riding goes, I think that your 150mm cranks will be exchanged for 125’s soon enough. The extra torque you get out of 150’s will be offset by the slower turning of the wheel and you will soon want smaller cranks. 110’s are a bit short for me as I like to be able to run out of a UPD (or stop quickly) and cannot at full speed with 110’s. That will not be an issue with 150’s but you will want more speed withiin a half hour of riding your new uni! The point of a 29 is more manageable speed and another unit experience, right?!

Good luck and enjoy! You will be glad for the Big Apple, but have a spare tube handy. I inflate to 40 lbs and get the best of the fat tire experience without the “crown” drifting complaints I see here on the forum!