Ready for some Coker MUni?

Now don’t be yellow! You gotta look the part! :sunglasses:

Presto Chango!

I’m ready…

Me too, but I really want a KH 36er so I can do bigger drops! As far as I can tell, they won’t be available 'till November. The square taper just isn’t strong enough for anything but earth-bound riding!:o

Man, those cranks are long! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, that's all I could find at the last minute; my 150's were bent from previous drops, but those steel cranks bend like taffy! Again, the longer cranks are only used for trialsy type stuff and MUni.

If strength is the most important thing, why not rebuild your existing wheel with a Nimbus superwide ISIS hub? The KH uses a normal-width hub, so won’t be such a strong wheel.
(Yes you can put an ISIS hub with 42mm bearings in a frame built for 40mm bearings, as long as it’s got cheap stamped bearing holders rather than machined ones. Lots of people (with too much money to spend on frames) will tell you it won’t work and you’ll destroy the bearings, but lots of people have done it with no problems - after all, those cheap holders aren’t really a very good fit on 40mm bearings anyway!).


What does Brian MacKenzie use on his coker? He’s been muniing with it for years :slight_smile:

Don’t know, but I would guess at least 150’s as they are ideal for coker MUni, imo:)

could you put it on youtube possibly, because vimio doesn’t work for me…

Well, I already repainted it once again since that video. Kinda has that piano motif. :slight_smile:




What kind is this? It looks like either a Coker “Big One” or a Nimbus Titan. Or something else?

Sorry to jump into the conversation late, but I noticed you had been talking about a thought I had today while taking the V2 on a muni journey…do you think the KH36 is going to be a better muni ride than the Big One or V2? I am talking straight out of the box- no upgrades. I would like to hear what everyone has to say!..

The KH 36 comes with a better frame, and seat. Popular moment cranks, some dual hole I think. A 27 mm KH seatpost. The other parts are the same or very similar to the nimbus, tires, rim, maybe the ISIS hubs are more or less the same parts.

I was surprised how little markup there was over the 29. I’m hoping they are available next year for QBP prices. I hope the Shlumph hubs might come down a little bit by them, but I’m probably dreaming.

No it’s an older “radial” by udc. It also has one of the last available “airfoil” rims. Luckily I’ve had no tires popping off!

Terrys radial is the strongest 36er out there because it has 300 layers of paint on it.

Haha almost! Only 237 so far. :roll_eyes: I actually have a “dipping” reservoir I fill with paint stripper. I dunk each fork in for like 2 minutes, and when I pull it out, the paint is totally gone and it’s down to the bare metal. So much easier than brushing it on and wiping or hosing it off. Much less mess too!:smiley:

So Terry, you waiting on a KH 36 too? My buddy has 2 old Cokers , I’ve been riding one of them and really enjoying it. I was wanting to buy a 36 myself, seems like the best option out there too although it is expensive.

Yeah I’d love to at least try the new KH 36er, but I’ll tell ya, since i switched to the nightrider tire on my regular radial 36er, it’s like a whole new experience! Lighter, more nimble, and corners amazingingly well. plus I seem to be able to hold high speeds longer and with more stabilty than with the TA.

So, I would like to hear more about V2 vs. KH36. I do moderate offroad with my V2- you can really feel the weight climbing hills. I have not had any trouble with the square tapered set-up (yet…), but am thinking the isis would be a lot better. Is it possible to build this into a V2. Is the KH36 wheel as strong? Lighter? I leave it to the experts…