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Hey guys,

So today, I just about added 10cm. to my hop height :slight_smile:

I tried the same jump about 200 times (let it be known I got a blister on my pinky and cut the back of my leg on my pedal :()

Out of those 200 attempts, about 10 times, I actually made the jump, but I’d either fall right off or the uni would slip from under me.

questions questions questions questions

  1. When you actually (or in my case, unexpectedly) hit the jump, how do hold your position long enough to stay up?

  2. How far away should you pre-hop?

  3. While attempting, I made up the “5 p’s of jumping”
    a. Position
    b. Pounce
    c. Pull
    d. Plant
    e. Party!!!

Do you have any to add or detract?



Don’t use meaningless threads titles like that, its going to upset people who don’t care / can’t help with your questions.

There is no exact science behind any of those questions, its just practice. Theres been plenty of threads about hopping, look around and don’t tell me you can’t find any. It really is just a matter of practice and getting a hang of it.

  1. Prehop helps with this as it pushes you towards the obstacle. Form and how you land will determine if you can keep your balance. Search some balance exercises if you are really concerned about this. I’m trying yoga right now and it helps for balance, muscle aches, and flexibility.

  2. Prehop is different for so many riders, none are alike.

Ryan A does one quick, fairly near to the obstacle. 110cm. This is probably easier for beginners as it is easy to hit.

Mark Fabian does one huge lunge prehop. 119cm. Hard to control, but once mastered, you can go higher.

Joe Hodges does a two quick prehops. 122cm.

Watch and analyze them all.

Now try them and see which works for you. Just keep practicing and you’ll get there. I remember telling my buddy a year ago that once I hit 100cm, I would quit on the spot.

  1. 5Ps sound awful. Too many words to memorize.

When I go for a big hop I usually clear my mind. If I am getting frustrated, I think: “JUMP” “TUCK” Helps me loads.

You can always PM for questions,

Thanks for the advice, it really helped

I just landed it! :slight_smile:

my hop is now 38.735cm.!