Reach the Beach 2010

Hey, so i just moved to Portland a few weeks ago. I also just got a 36er a few weeks ago :smiley: to say the least its epicly wonderful. But anyways to the point, i was thinking of doing the reach the beach ride this year and saw that some people have done it a few times before, and i was wondering if anyone was doing it this year and would not mind some more company?

If this event does not conflict with summer school (June 21-July 16), I would join in. I need to teach summer school to afford toys:D.

Reach the Beach has been a lot of fun on 36ers and I’ve done it twice. This year, I’m almost sure there will be some uni riders out there again on the 50 mile and 100 mile routes. I’m contemplating riding my tandem tall bike on the 100 with a group of tall bike riders, but keep me posted on your plans or sign up for the NSFW listserve to see whats planned from the Bastards this year on RTB.


mbalmer: I am pretty sure the ride is on may 15 so hopefully that wont conflict with anything.

Thanks B. I just had a realization when i looked at that website. The other night riding home some guy yells at me “are you a bastard?” and i was not sure if he was insulting me or not. . . or why he would be, but i get it now.

Welcome, I live on Mt. Tabor and ride the trails there pretty often. I too am probably going to ride Reach the Beach (most likely the 50 mi route) on my 36-er

If you ever want to get out, let me know… I just started in Nov. but… 5 unicycles later… I’m addicted :slight_smile:

Just ask Bryce :smiley:

Thanks. If I get “sick” on the 14th, I can drive to Oregon, ride the 15th, drive home the 16th and be back at work on the 17th. I’ll have to think about that.

Thanks Tirving. I have really wanted to get out and explore those trails some but havent yet. Do they have some pretty good technical stuff up there?

Mbalmer: Well that sounds like a good plan to me!

There are, I’ve been sticking with the main south trail because I am getting used to downhill MUni and braking technique. I often see some steeper, single track lines even though what i am doing is arguably XC.

Reach the Beach vs Ashland Spring Thaw


That’s the same day of the Ashland Spring Thaw (a 25 mile mountain bike race in my home town). I’ve been wanting to ride a century for a couple years now. Reach the Beach would be perfect. I’d love to ride a supported century in the good company of some Bastards and non-Bastards. But I also love passing mountain bikers on the uphill and having some of them not kick my ass at the finish line. I’ve got a reputation to uphold in this town. Last year I beat 30 mountain bikers at their own game. This year I want to shave 10 minutes off my time and beat 40 of them. Oh, the dilemma! Life is too rich and filled with too many opportunities. How can I ever fulfill my potential and be satisfied? What to do? What does the jury of my peers say?


That is funny! Did you hang a BA back at them??

Hello D,
Just saw this post. I plan on doing the 80 mile route on a Coker, and there are a few other unicyclists interested. Not sure if I mentioned this when we met the one time. Last year I did the 55 miler in honor of a friend who did the ride every year and died weeks before due to lung-related issues. I hadn’t trained much, and it’s not looking like I’ll have much more time to train this year, but I’ve got a lot more mental preparation going for me! A handlebar and cycle computer should help too (not to mention a newer Coker).

Here is the Portland Unicycling Facebook event for the unicycle version of the ride, Bassturd-free:

Hope to see you on the road,

Sigh . . . . .Yup, tis true . . . . not everyone likes to mix Unicycle Bastards and distance cycling events. . . . We do play hard and sometimes folks do get hurt . . . but for those that have a little bit of Bastard in them, there will be a fun-loving armada of tall, cargo, tandem, otherwise freaky bikes and 36er unicycles leaving Beaverton for the 100 mile trek to the Beach and all are welcome to join in the fun, Bastard or not

For those of you worried about the pace, I’m sure the group will stratify into groups based on pace with the 36er unicycles somewhere in the middle

So, register now! . . . . then collect bike parts, cut, weld, grind, repurpose and assemble them and test ride your ride . . .at least one day before the 100 mile ride. Its on!

So for the past few days I’ve been pondering my great dilemma. 25 mile mountain bike race at home vs RTB. I’ve now had two dreams about riding in RTB. So I guess that means that I should go for the century. The piddly 25 mile mountain bike race with 3000’ elevation gain and loss just doesn’t stand up to the challenge of 100 miles.

So who’s in?

Personally, I’d be disappointed NOT to be riding with a bunch of Bastards. If you guys must ride with your training wheels, I suppose there’s no dissuading you. Otherwise, it’d be great to spend some time on the road together.

100:10:1 is the goal.


I’m doing the century ride on my 36r, hoping to keep up with a Bastardly crew of freak bikes. Anyone want to pay my way??? :smiley:

Alright, Geoff is in with a nice aggressive goal for the hills! Geoff will also come in handy if we need someone who can put the Bastard parts back together when one of us hits the ground!

SweeeeeeeeeeeeeT! Nice to know I’ll have some company out there keeping the average wheel-to-rider-ratio down! 100:10:1 is a worthy goal, and is very realistic so as long as long breaks, as well as slowing from fatigue and/or pain, can be avoided. I’m down with that!

There’s very little I can’t fix with duct tape, WD40 and single malt Scotch.

So I’ve been putting in the miles the past few weekends, but need to put in many more. I’ve looked at the so called “maps” on the RTB website and the teeny tine elevation profiles. The gazetteer comes next. But what I really want to know is “what’s the course like, guys?” I know, 104 miles with some hills, but what’s it like?

Oh yeah, I read the schedule of events on the website and it looks like the earliest you can start is 7 am in Beaverton and they “close the course” at 5 pm. 10 hours is my goal, but I’m not particularly confident about that. How long did it take you the past 2 years? Do they tase anyone who dares ride past 5 pm? Gives me the willies.

They also advertise two lunches along the course. What’s the food like? Enough to fill the belly or just a bunch of bananas?
Any other tips or insight?

So who’s riding the two wheelers? Who’s sticking with the basic one?