Re: winter cycle

Here in Germany winter has arived about two weeks ago (we already had about -10
degree Celcius, sorry, but I don’t know what this is in Farenheit, I think it’s
about 14 degrees, but that’s not for sure). So there is some snow and a lot of
ice in my area. It was the first time I tried riding at such conditions and it
was surprisingly easy. I started riding at a parking lot to get used to the icy
ground. I was very careful and I think I behaved like a beginner. This was in
the evening and it was already dark. After about a quarter of an hour I became
cold and desided to stop for this day. So I made my way home. There was no
lightning on the way and I thought it was clean and try because of the good
traction I had. The next morning I was really astonished to see that it was as
icy as the parking lot. But because of not mentioning this the evening before I
didn’t care about
it. Since this day I’m riding on ice as I do on concrete and I didn’t have any
problems with the traction or anything else - perhaps except of the
temperature, it’s f… cold here.

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