Re: Wheel-Walking a Bicycle?

JAG wrote:
> Here’s a thought…
> For those of you who can wheel walk a unicycle, have you ever tried sitting on
> the handlebars of your bicycle and wheel walking the front tire?

I didn’t try (I don’t own a bike, there’s no space left for storing among all
the unicycles…). But I tried a similar feat: sitting on the seat of a bike (a
borrowed one) and then walking the front wheel. The legs are long enough to
reach the tire and it’s quite easy, especially if you do it with one foot only.

> Is it easier or harder?

The version described above is definitely easier than wheel walking on a

> Would a bike perhaps be a good stepping stone to learning on a uni?

I can’t imagine, neither when sitting on the handle bar nor on the seat. But on
the other hand, I don’t think it will disturb your learning process. So just try
it if you like to.

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