Re: What's the difference between a ultimate wheel and a immpossuble

Do a search on this topic. A few months ago there were lots of posts about
the difference between a Ultimate wheel and a Impossible wheel.

Nothing is impossible on one wheel… Have you seen Kris Holm ride ?! Or
what the Twin City Unicycle club does ?! Or the young Chinese or Japanese
girls ?!

Here’s one thing that is NOT possible… NOT to laugh being around Team Jack
at a unicycle convention !!!

It’s hard to ride the wheel without a frame and seat at the beginning, than
gets easier… like everything else in life. Give it a try !


peterbb wrote:

> Are they the same thing? And is it possible to ride a regular unicycle
> wheel without a frame and seat? Thanks.
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It is next to impossible to ride any type of one-wheel as an American when the Canadians have such great looking tee-shirts.

Canadian at heart!