Re: water bottle cage

On Mon, 15 Jan 1996 Gwynneth (the Mighty Squid - (?)) wrote:

> I really want to put a bottle cage on my stand. uni. I use it for almost all
> of my transport. and work up quite a thirst. I have tried several approaches,
> but all have failed. There seems to be no place fer it. I got little clamps to
> hold the cage. I wanted to put it in the back (under the seat) on the post,
> but the clamp is in the way. I now have it in the front but my thighs rub
> against it. Do any of you have water bottles on your ikes? How’d ya do it?? Is
> there an under-seat pack that will work with a uni seat? Suggestions would be
> greatly appreciated.

The Pashley Muni comes with a bottle cage holders as standard, you can see a
picture somewhere in the depths of the unicyle home page under a review of the
Polaris. (I would give you the reference here, but my machine is playing up
again and won’t let me into Netscape). Duncan places the cage to the front and
does claim that it does not rub on his legs (he says the same of the Pashley
saddle and it rubs me raw). Duncan also has a ten footer with 3 bottle cages on
it! I have seen a picture of him riding it with bottles in all 3 cages, they
don’t call him “Duncan the Orangotange” for nothing!. I personally prefer to use
a bum bag which can hold 2 water bottles, I find the exta weight no hinderance
when I am riding.

Have fun

Rgr Cleveland UK