Re-using Songs

I didnt know if i should post this in JC or here, but decided on here as its about the videos…
What is all this crap about being bringing up that a song has been used before?
I dont care, GET OVER IT!
Unless its a song of YOUR band and you havent given permission then why do you care?
If a song fits your video USE IT.
Sorry, this really shits me.

You said it!:slight_smile:

Thank You!:smiley:

If you watch a video that is well edited to a certain song, then you see another video with the same song you will probably just think of the first one the whole time. Of course the first person doesn’t have more of a right to use it in the first place, but if I want to make a video that people will remember then I’ll try to use a song they probably haven’t heard before. The music in a video gives it an identity.

hahaha, whatever

If your referring to the comments made on Tim Desmet’s video, I don’t think he did a good job editing the song to his video.

I mean I don’t care if someone reuses a song, but if your going to do it, make it better than the last video that used it.

I think spencer said it, how little music and genres do you people know about?
put me on with swollen members reminds me of flat four and all the flow in it, so instead of re-using, listen to some more music :slight_smile:

Not referring to one partlicular vid, comments like this have just been coming up more lately.

And RE your second statement… Who cares… Its up to the rider/editor, if they are happy with it, and it flows… If the riding fits it can still be a top quality vid. I pretty much dont remember any songs with which vid they go to…

The ONLY songs that have stuck in my head that i can remember what song was played with them is the flat one [Maybe flat 3] that had Hunting for Witches, and one that had Shoot the Messenger.

In one sense I don’t care, but in another, I personally wouldn’t use for instance, Long Way Down in a vid (even though I wanted to, dammit…) because Spencer made a masterpiece with it. I can’t come anywhere near making a vid that good.
So I’ll use a different tune.
I got dibs on Grind. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t let it bother me if someone uses a “used” song though…

Good topic to bring up.

Re-using songs… It makes the video less original. I don’t enjoy hearing songs over and over, makes the vid less enjoyable. I tend to buy or download all songs from videos I like. So chances are if someones re-using a song, I’ve already heard it a million times. If a video is well edited then you’ll probably see similar editing in the next video to be used with the same song.


Also what spencer said is true. Eveerytime I heard Put Me On I remember of Flat Four, but if you think the song fits well your tricks and editing style, just do it… if it’s really good people will forgot the first video and take you as a reference :smiley:

I always remember a song that has a well edited video to go with it. I also usually download a song if I like the video. I don’t mind “recycled” songs but I wont always enjoy the video more because i’ll have listened the song to death.

i like to use songs that no one has used before. it doesn’t bother me if someone uses the song after i use it. but i wont use a song that has already been used.


Kids? Or was that not you?

I also like using unicycle videos to find cool new music.

Yeah that’s what I do to. I’ll see a song i like in a vid and get it!! I get a ton of cool music that i’ve never heard before!

There is so much good music out there there is no need to reuse songs.

There is a major difference in the way someone like Spencer or Jim(sinco) uses a song for a video, and say… the way a ton of the other videos on here use music.

What music is good, is all personal preference. Although how music affects a video is not.

For me, personally, it can take days and days to find the right song for a video, it being something new is part of what I am looking for. Sometimes it is the song that inspires me to go out and make a video… like in my flick “a Good Day”.

When I hear new music I think “would this be good for a vid”?
Or if I hear a song I can’t recall how I know it, I think back to all the videos Ive seen and think is thats where I know it from.

Music is important but the fact is, a good film maker can make a better video with a bad original song, than someone who put in no effort but is using the best song in the world.

Finding a song to go with my videos is always the part that take the longest, next to editing anyway. I like to use songs no one has used before, as well, and my last few videos the song I chose inspired the video.

for me i have to find a song before i even start filming.
yeah “Kids” by MGMT was a song that i used that had already been used.

i wouldnt have used it if my entire video wasnt already finished when Justin Kohse put out his vid with the same song.