Re: Unicycling TV programs in China

Hi Jack,
While the Bhutan trip had a crew of 4 total, only Kris and I are shown.
But Sean White, the film maker was there that night in Washington and
introduced the film with us - so that’s probably where he remembers 3
people. Call it:

“Into The Thunder Dragon”, a film by Sean White, starring Kris Holm and
Nathan Hoover.

If you get the DVD, you will see Sean talking about the film and a brief
shot of him and the other camera man, Aaron Black, riding unicycles.


“Jack Halpern” <> wrote in message
> Nathan and Kris,
> I don’t have your private email addresses so I will write to the list.
> The director of the CUA, Zhang Shuxiao, called me and told me that they
are doing
> a series of programs on uniycling on Chinese TV. In addition to
introdcuing me and
> my role in promoting unicycling in China (they asked me to come to
Beijing), they
> want to introduce mountain unicycling. As a first step he said he wants
the “exact names
> of the three people that appeared in the movie” we saw in Unicon Xi.
> I know that the two of you must be two of them, but who is the third?
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