RE: Unicycle Sumo (Gladiators, Demolition Derby, UniDerby, Dogfig

> Good grief! Yet another long raft of legislation for fun.
> Gladiators is easily understood, even by an imbecile like
> me, in about 5 seconds. Here are the rules:
> 1. Ride around trying to forcibly unmount your opponents.
> 2. Dismounting for any reason means you are out.
> 3. The last person not out wins.

Believe me, that’s how we started as well.

Then we played it, a lot. After lots of torn shirts and pockets, bad
crashes, sprained fingers, ripped-out hair, broken watch bands, etc., we
came up with some ideas to allow the game to be more pleasant, and to be
able to play it longer. Those rules only exist for that reason.

> One wonders whether US schoolyard games are preceded by
> long sessions of pre-emptive litigation to establish all
> the whys, wherefores and whatnots. :wink:

I hope our kids never have to worry about this nonsense like our adults do.
It’s hard enough to do fun stuff in this country after you’ve signed all the
releases, paid your insurance bills, been warned by your doctor and lawyer,
etc. :slight_smile: