Re: signs exclusive worldwide distribution agreement for Schwinn

>From: “John Drummond” <>

> Any feedback will be
>appreciated. >


The ads are neat. My humble comments:

For impact, I definitely like the side-by-side comparison.

I liked the suggestion about putting the price tags larger and at the top of
the ad. So, $9000 $150 Then, I’d picture the two vehicles and their
names, as you have them, with large type between and underneath them that
says “You decide.”

Then I’d do the side-by-side comparison of features as you’ve done. I might
drop speed and focus on other points, or add some, such as the ones Dustin
mentioned – hands-free operation, no batteries needed, off-road
capabilities, or something about fitness.

Then, we have the name, which is very friendly and appealing,
and maybe use a line such as “Keeping life fun and balanced.” (With “and”
in italics.)

Finally, I wondered if anyone might think you sell both? You could add a
line near your name that says something like, “If you decide on efficient,
low-cost transportation with style, contact us!”

In any case, best wishes for a very successful ad campaign!


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