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> How much does frame weight, wheel weight, seat weight effect things. Can a
> uni be “top heavy”? Does the mass of a steel rim and fat tire make things
> feel less responsive? Or does any of this matter.

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A quick google search in the r.s.u provides most of the answers to the
(I really should know better. :slight_smile: I’m a uni newbie not a usenet

What I want to know now is this. Assuming adequate strength can any
of these uni parts (or as a whole uni) ever be too light.


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>What I want to know now is this. Assuming adequate strength can any
>of these uni parts (or as a whole uni) ever be too light.

If the uni as a whole has a lower density than air, it will rise like
a helium balloon. More seriously, generally lighter is better. Most
MUnis float when dropped in a lake (because of the big tyre) which is
nice in case of certain wipeouts.

One possible exception: wheel mass on a Coker. Some Cokerists have
written positively about the ‘flywheel’ effect of their beast. Part of
that will be in the wheel mass (but another part in the translation*
moment which is proportional to overall mass including rider;
translation* gets converted to wheel rotation given enough friction).

*translation moment: I mean the moment of a mass moving linearly. Is
that the correct term for the counterpart of rotational moment? In
Dutch it is…

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Close Klaas, I think the English equivalent for the word you are looking for is momentum. The English version of moment also has similar meanings for Physics and statistics but are not used as commonly in that context.

Unless you have a really heavy seat I can’t think of a reason any Unicycle would be top heavy. If you get a really sturdy one chances are it could be bottom heavy, because a lot of the weight is in the rim and tire. I have a fat (24x3") tire and find it to be the most responsive thing I have ever ridden.

After looking at the postage price of a KH 24" standard model, I am wondering just how heavy it is. If anyone knows the weight of a KH 24" with or without brakes I would be interested to find out. You could post your reply in any one of the many Unicycle weight threads which have been started. In a week I should be able to find out for myself as there is a shipment due in NZ, but an answer before then would be nice to satisfy my curiousity.

If it’s not going to break, give me the lightest unicycle possible. I already have a super-light carbon MUni, but the frame doesn’t fit wide tires.

Light is good. If my Coker wheel weighed half what it did, I might have been able to keep up with Elijah in the 10k race. No matter what it’s made of, the weight of a 36" wheel with air tire is going to be more than enough to keep it rolling nicely. But as anyone into bike racing knows, rotational weight (the wheels) is the first place you want to look for cutting down, because you have to work against it every time you change speed. In an up-and-down 10k race, for instance, wheel weight matters a lot.

But top-heavy? I don’t think this is an issue when the unicycle is being ridden. When you’re on it, it’s way top-heavy. A super-heavy seat is not the greatest thing, but at least it’s better than a heavier wheel. My ride-to-work Coker has a handlebar with bar-ends, a water bottle, and a bungeed-on backpack of clothes on it, making the unicycle very sluggish to push around. But once I’m on it, my weight makes the other stuff proportionally very minor.

I sent an email to last week and asked them the weight on several unicycles. They said the KH 24" weighs 18 lbs. That seems heavy to me, because my Semcycle 26" only weighs 15 lbs (according to my scales anyway).

Tom Copeland

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Generally Klaas, I forget that you’re not a native English speaker. I’m impressed. I’d like to be able to speak Portuguese that fluently.

Seems heavy to me also. My Hunter 24, w/ Sun doublewide, 3" Gazz, Profile, and Magura brake setup is between 16 and 17. I’m having trouble thinking where the KH would be adding on the extra poundage compared to that…