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I have just built my first wheel (very satisfying). I used the uni frame as
a truing stand with clamped on guides & taped on bits of card & marks made
with felt tips!

My hot tips would be:
Lubricate nipples.
Only try to make small adjustments each time.
Take great care to get the spoke key engaged fully using the tightest notch.

I tried to follow this instruction on spoke tension:

but I suspect my spoke are still a little short of optimum tension.
Some other wheel building info on the net is linked from:

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Anyhow, any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

RE: Unbuilt MUni on the way, and still no

Way to go, Mike!

Thanks for the links!

<shrug> Dad is in the garage building my wheel as we speak. One of these days I’ll start building my own wheels, but since he’s built so many wheels from my BMX days I trust him.

Wouldn’t everybody have their dad build it if they could? assuming it was free and all.:slight_smile:

Thank you for the links.