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> Hi Roger!
> Can you take this on please - you are far better qualified than me…
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> > >Please note that the off-road event at UNICON VIII will be a MUNI
> > >Challenge, not a UMX race. There is no fixed route - you will have to find
> > >markers for yourself using a map.
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> > I just read this message after replying to the big one. Could you please
> > elaborate? I’m not familiar with this form of racing, though it seems more
> > common in the UK. Will there be a points system or pure time? How difficult
> > are the maps? Is it like solving puzzles or just reading a regular map?
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> > Please respond to the newsgroup, so everyone will find out about it.
> >
> > John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone

The Muni is based on the Polaris Challenge format of events. These are event
that in turn are based on Orienteering events, to be exact an orienteering score
event. Orienteering was started in scandanavia in the mid 1950’s by the military
there to train their troops in map reading. They were given a map with a series
of control points marked on them that they needed to visit. The team returning
first after visting all the controls first wins. The sport has developed in the
years since, it is has spread throughout Europe and there has been many off
shoots: including the Orienteering Score events. On these competitors are given
a time limit and more controls than they could possibly get to in the time. Each
contol is given a score on it’s difficulty of location, so a competitor can
either collect a lot of easy (low scoring) controls or collect a few difficult
contols (high scoring). The sport is often known as “cunning running” as the
fastest runner is often not the fastest (this is how unicycles can compete
against the Bicycles). In the early 1980’s longer events were started lasting 2
days, there was a camp site marked as a final control for the day (this being a
compulsary control) and competitors had to take all their resorses with
themselves. There were the precurseres to the Polaris Events which started in
1986 where mountain bikes where used, in these events competitor would often do
200 miles over the 2 day (and some times finish with no points as they failed to
finish in the time alloted). Unicycles have been competing in the Polaris
challenge since 1988 and have gradually improved their position and numbers. In
the last one 5 unicycles competed and after the first day 3 were beating half
the moutain bikers and one was beating two thirds! The event at unicon will only
be a mini event in time terms, and will use a special pre-marked orienteering
map, these are self explanitory and easy to read. Competitors will need a
compass and a whistle (in case of accidents). We will be offering help proir to
the event to familarise people to the event if anyone needs it. I hope this has
helped explain the event better.

Roger North East England UK