re : uk_unicyclists

As requested to be done by Richard( group moderator) and as i can not see
another post as yet , also as i proposed it

please look at the following re: uk_unicyclists

This is an invitation for people to join the following yahoogroup(
Formally egroup)

the subject area is listed below and I believe it would be open only to UK



                 Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 14:24:49 -0000
                 Subject: Re: re unicycle org name etc

— In uk_unicyclists@y…, pegreen@n… wrote:
> a membership of 65 is not that representative of the UK unicycling community
> was an invitation sent to the news group for UK members
> to join ? if not do you think that it should be?

No, this group has not yet been advertised on, and yes, it
ought to be.

I’ve been having problems with my net connection recently, and haven’t been able
to post to newsgroups (I tried deja, but couldn’t get that to work either).

Could someone post to rsu to invite members? I’ve attached the blurb for
subscribing at the end of this message.

- Richard

Info for new subscribers:


Initially this group serves 2 purposes:

  1. For announcing upcoming unicycling events in the UK

  2. For discussing the possible formation of a UK unicycling organisation.

Note: general unicycling queries and discussions are more appropriate on the newsgroup.

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