RE: Two achievements, one bout of excruciating pain and a questio

> The hole in my knee could probably have been avoided by
> wearing knee pads or something. I’ve never whacked my
> shins while unicycling though; undoubtedly this is
> because the pedals I’ve got wouldn’t do much… the
> minute I get some nasty looking metal things WHACK!

That’s right, welcome to Murphy’s world of unicycling safety. In my early
days of riding I, like everyone else, scraped up my palms and knees a few
times before buying some kneepads and gloves. But once I did, I virtually
stopped falling down.

Now I have a pair of Roach armor for my shins & knees when on the trails. So
far (1.5 years) I think I’ve actually fallen on them about twice. But riding
with them on gives me the confidence to try things I wouldn’t otherwise.

So you have to ask yourself. Do you want scars, or what?

Stay on top,
John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone

“If people want to truly understand mountain biking, they have to do two
other things: ride a unicycle, and master the trampoline.” – Joe Breeze,
one of the originators of mountain biking, in a conversation with Tim Bustos