Re: testing your list and your intellect ( or " silly unicyclists")

> Response to rude list members:

I have never before seen someone claim that that had to post
garbage in a public forum in order to protect its users. If the
claim is genuine, which I doubt, perhaps you might seek permission
next time, to avoid a lot of hot air.

Your own attitude could stand a great deal of improvement.

Scaremongering about viri is worse than the viri themselves IMHO.

Arnold the Aardvark

Re: testing your list and your intellect ( or " silly forum-invaders"

Arnold, the guy is obviously 12 years old. Sure, he can type, but his lack of a personality makes him envious of all us cool people, so he spams us and then tells us why we should be grateful.

Anybody who wants to know what this is about, see the “spam” forum.

Now, about that more serious matter of the blue plastic pedals…


To any 12-year old UNICYCLISTS out there, I was not comparing that guy to you… I was speaking of his age in dog-years (which means roughly one and a half years old to you and me).