re-starter unicycle

About an hour ago I had a whim. Get back on a unicycle.
Calls to my therapist, attorney, S.O., state senator,
kids,…prayer…resulted only in laughter.
But I’ll show 'em. Anyway, I’m 54 and remember from a past life
ridding a unicycle around the neighborhood. Due to the alignment
of the planets, or more likely their misalignment, I have developed the
sudden itch to get back on one wheel.

I’m 6 feet, 32" or so inseam bare foot, 155 lbs.
Not sure if this will click so don’t want to get
a good one yet. It’ll be for riding around
the neighborhood as a grown up this time : - )
Soooooo… what are your recommendations ?


Depends on what you want to spend.

Id suggest a 24" torker LX or somthing.

Have fun!


I just walked the same path about a month ago. Am 53, hadn’t ridden since I was 15. Sat on one at a bike shop to make sure I still knew what “right” felt like. Then decided to go for it.

After looking around, I got a Torker LX. It is a nice machine for the money. It came right back for me and I am enjoying it. The seat style of the U-shape is new to me (mine had an old derailleur seat on it) but I am getting used to it. Seat padding is not good enough for long rides (over 3 miles) and I may build an air seat.

I figure this is probably a mid life thing and I can’t afford a Corvette, won’t wear a gold chain, and wouldn’t think of an affair…so unicycle it is!

All the best. Welcome back.

Also, if you plan to cover some distance a 24" wheel is a good plan.


Look on eBay. I got a Torker LX 24" for $70 + shipping.

Re: re-starter unicycle

24" is a good general size for you, and the suggested Torker is
excellent value for money. If the virus really catches you, you’ll
shortly be buying more specialised uni(s) anyways - but what type is
hard to say now. (BTW, I’m 51.)

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