Re: spotting random unis (was NYC Unicycle clubs) writes:
>I randomly see people out on the street or sidewalk riding unicycles
>once a year at most. I meet people who used to ride or who still have a
>unicycle in a garage or attic at a rate of about three per year. I am 49
>years old and, in my life, the number of people with whom I have been
>associated through school, work, or socially who owned and rode
>unicycles is six. All other riders that I know I have sought out solely
>because of unicycling.
Probably pretty obvious that big city living gives one a greater chance at
spotting some random person riding a uni than living most other places.

I agree with John Foss’s guess at seeing only about 1 random rider a year.

The most random was when I visited Denmark a dozen years ago and spotted a
7-yo girl riding hers. We could hardly communicate, but I showed her I
could ride.

No, Danish police did NOT arrest me for child abuse.


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