Re-sizing profile and avatar pics?

It seems that sometimes that if your trying to change your avatar or profile pic , and the size is higher than the max allowable resolution, it will automaticall resize it, but today it kept telling me that my profile pic’s resolution was too high! It wasn’t that big, and my picture viewer won’t let me specify size to change it, so I had to search for a picture resizer.

The first two I DL’d didn’t work right, and so I gave up. Then I tried posting the same pic to my profile…and this time it resized automatically! It always used to do that automatically, but then again, the gallery used to work all the time too, and used to able to DL from it…no more. ANyway, at least it worked.

go here, and convert file type to the same file type, and there’s a resizer at the bottom.

That worked great thanks!:smiley:



its probs a uni pic

its possible to resize pictures in microsoft paint*, and virtually all windows computers have it…only other thing worth mentioning is that it inverts colors as well…ignore the toolbar…(last resort to use paint, only if you don’t have anything else)

*yeah, i sayed paint, the stupidest imaging program ever:D

Go purchase Photoshop CS2, with Bittorrent, at a mininova store near you.

umm, to late now. :roll_eyes:

Paint resizes but doesn’t resample pictures; it basically removes entire lines of pixels instead of merging them nicely, so your pictures end up all jaggy and horrid. Don’t use Paint to resize things.

Use IrfanView instead, because it’s ace.