Re: seat height and wheel walking?

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> (Peter Bier) writes:
> > While I’m asking things, what do people think of the idea of buying a 26"
> > for travel purposes? How noticable is the difference between a 20" and a
> > 26". Any advantages/disadvantages?

> The difference between a 20" and a 26" must be huge.

It is huge. It’s factor 1.3 and that’s exactly what you gain in speed. Why do
you stick to 26"? I use a 28" uni as my normal “bike” and it’s quite fast and

> I used to ride a 20" and now have a 24". The difference is big. But it got
> even bigger when I started to use the cranks of my 20" on my 24". I guess I’m
> over 50% faster and it’s much more comfortable for the legs, because the
> amplitude gets smaller. Does anybody use 20" cranks on a 26" unicycle. BTW,
> climbing and descending hills works quite well with the short cranks, but for
> extreme rides, I still use the long cranks.

When mentioning your 20" cranks you probably mean the cranks that have been
attached at your 20" uni when purchasing it and not 20" long cranks. Normally
(cheap) 20" unis are delivered with cranks about 125 to 150mm long and 24" with
150mm or anything in this way. Nevertheless the cranks I (and most other
unicyclists I know do it the same way, maybe with little variations) use with a
20" uni reach from 100mm (very fast but not allowed for racing), 114mm (for
racing purposes) up to 125mm (freestyle and obstacle course). My 24" uni is
equipped with 125mm cranks (the shortest ones that are allowed for racing).

When riding in flat areas (like here at Berlin) I use my 28" uni with 125mm
cranks for higher speed. When riding steep accelerations (e.g. the alps tour
last year) I normally use 150mm. It’s a bit slower than 125mm but you gain much
more power for riding uphill. Beside this it’s quite hard in the beginning to
ride with extremely short cranks. Especially idling, stopping and so on are
things that have to be practiced, even if you are used to these things with a
20" or 24" uni.

With 125mm cranks and a wheel size of 28" my normal “travelling” speed is about
20km/h, with 150mm it’s 16 to 17km/h. I don’t have a speedometer at my 20" uni,
but I’m sure I’m not riding any faster than 14km/h when riding unhurried (and
not racing).

Regards, Wolfgang

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