Re : Seat angles

[stuff deleted] … We noticed though that they had their seat pointing upwards
in the front. Our seat was parallell to the ground when we brought it. We
figured that it was probably a case of whatever hurts the least. Is this right?
or does someone have a theory about the right/best way?

> I feel that probably the most important thing is COMFORT, especially if you
are going to be riding a lot, although you are bound to fell some discomfort,
especially when you start. My uni’s seat is slightly adjustable between
pointing up and almost parallel to the ground (ie very painful to slightly
painful) - I always keep it as parallel as possible. However, as always, other
considerations have to be taken into account : you need to have the seat
pointing slightly upwards to prevent sliding off the front of the uni. It all
depends on the seat and the uni you’ve got. Experiment.