Re: rsu mailing list gateway to interruption

This post is important only to users of the rsu mailing list. Users of
the forum and newsgroups are (were) not affected.

>Ken Fuchs <> wrote:

>>My ISP’s new server had a hardware failure shortly after
>>15:35 CDT (-0500) Oct 2. It won’t be repaired until Oct 7.

>>So, I just switched to a new news server. Since news servers receive
>>news messages in different orders I decided to go back about an hour to
>>be reasonably sure of not missing a post with the disadvantage of having
>>about 12 duplicated posts on the rsu mailing list itself. News readers
>>and users should not be affected in anyway, including no
>>duplicated posts due to this news server switch.

>>rsu mailing list users will see posts from about 14:30 CDT Oct 2 till
>>20:15 CDT Oct 3, starting about 15 minutes ago (20:00 CDT Oct 3).

Ken Fuchs <> wrote:

>However, I did notice that the new news server (its a free one), doesn’t
>allow posts to, although the site I found it on
>said it allowed posts. Until my ISP’s news server is working again, I
>plan to stick with this server even though it doesn’t seem to allow
>posts. I will switch back to my ISP’s news server after it has been
>repaired (Oct 7 or maybe Oct 8). Until then, you can read all posts via
>your e-mail account (rsu mailing list), but you will have to use your
>news server (via Netscape/Mozilla or other news client) or the
>forum to post (new messages or replies to old messages).

My ISP fixed his news server hardware and had the news server running by
sometime on Thursday, Oct 9. My ISP’s news server seems to be working
fine now, so I switched from the non-posting free news server back to my
ISP’s server about 20 minutes ago. I arranged an overlap of about 80
minutes, to avoid missing posts and I’ll guess that this switch will
suffer about only 4 duplicated posts on the rsu mailing list as a

So, now posts to rsu mailing list will go out to the
gateway and not just the mailing list itself (which was the case for the
past seven days). The bi-directional gateway between the rsu mailing
list and newsgroup (and forums) is again fully


Ken Fuchs <>
unicycling (rsu) mailing list owner & proponent