Re: rsu digest, Vol 1 #822 - 53 msgs

As a rookie unicyclist interested in mostly freestyle and not brekng any
bones, is there a recommended uni sixe I should start with?


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Re: Re: rsu digest, Vol 1 #822 - 53 msgs

the majority of freestylers use 20" unicycles
but it doent realy matter what size you have as long as its not to big or small for you to actualy ride it.
i’d say that althought some sizes of unicycle are better suited to some things than others, you won’t notice the diference untill can ride fairly comfortably,
however i think i’d be right in saying that you don’t want to buy a 36" unicycle first.

wait you dont want to break any bones?!? I’m confused, istn that the goal for any serious unicycler? I know its mine, Doing stupid shit on unicycles is the best part of riding… breaking bones is just a sign that you need more pratice.