Re Riding up hill

Jan-Fredrik Braseth says:

It seems to me that riding a uni uphill is very difficult. I can manage to cycle
uphill if it isn’t too steep, but when it gets too steep it seems like you have
to put all your weight on the pedals insted of the seat, and I fall off. I also
wonder if it is very difficult to freemount when the road is sloped upwards, I
can only mount when the road is straight or sloped down.


To get more power and control in riding up hill hold on to the seat with your
hand and pull yourself down onto the seat.

You can alway turn around and mount “down hill”. With enough practice you can
learn how to mount up hill.

Keep up the good work. You’ve done very will for 3 weeks of riding.

– Dirk Iwema Cincinnati, Ohio USA Internet:

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