Re: Reykjav? mara?n

Hey i only just came back from iceland that day. The fireworks were good!
> With all that talk recently about time trialling, this is my attempt at
> 10km, in the inline skating section of the Reykjavík maraþon.
> I´d just recently broken my ankle so that ruled me out of running the
> marathon (which I´d intended originally), but I figured that peddling a
> unicycle would be less impact on my ankles. Unless, of course, if I had
> an UPD, which thankfully I didn´t. I did the race on 26x 2.6 MUni,
> 170mm cranks. I was riding rather conservatively at the back of the
> pack because of the dodgy ankle, so I was pleased with about 47min.
> There were people racing recumbents, XC skis with wheels (I don´t know
> what they are called), wheelchairs, mothers racing their babies in
> prams, people running with artificial legs etc etc. And it was a really
> beautiful course along the harbour. Good fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Absolutely! Meningarnótt rocks! Did you race the marathon too?