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My 7-year old son desperately wants a unicycle for his upcoming 8th birthday. I have no knowledge about unicycles and am hoping for some guidance here. He’s a very athletic kid and while I don’t want to spend a fortune, I do want a quality unicycle that is relatively easy to learn on (if that’s possible!) and is going to last for a while. Do any of you with unicycling experience have any recommendations for me. Thanks so much!

Check out they well have the best support and selection
i would look into this one:

or sometimes your local bike shop will have beginner ones. But check out

Yes, usually bike shops can order them, thus making it cheaper( you wont have to pay shipping)

But otherwise,

Torker is a good brand, either the Torker ‘CX’ or 'LX would make a good cheap starter unicycle.

I personally think the Sun 18 would be a terrible choice because for one it’s very weak, second it’s too small to last very long, and third it has the less prefered round-crown frame. I VERY highly recommend THIS unicycle because it will last for many many years, and you will never need to get a bigger one unless he wants to do distance riding. That uni is great for freestyle (regular circus/street performer/non-jumping/non-offroad skills) and as long as he never wanted to jump off of things or go off road really hard, he would almost never have to upgrade unless it just finally wore out after many years. Get it, you won’t be sorry! :slight_smile:

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umm… unless the kid’s a really, really tall eight year old, i don’t know if a 20" would be the best choice… i mean, how tall is he?

Me too. The LX would be a great choice.

About the 20" size, I’ve seen several 6 to 8-9 years olds ride a 20" LX. Unless he’s really short, I 'm sure a 20" would be fine.

Besides, in a year or two he would outgrow anything smaller.

yeah, you guys are probably right…

it would last him quite a while…

I got my 8 year old a 16", which made sense for about a month. We quickly upgraded to a 20" muni, which he still rides today at 11.

I’d also agree with tyler…the Torker would be a better bet than a Sun 18.

I started mine at 8 on a sun 20. He’s still doing fine on that learning hopping and idleling… Had to cut the post way down.
He’s getting a torker dx 20 at christmas.

Re: recommendation needed for 8 year old please

On Thu, 3 Nov 2005 16:41:50 -0600, shfirebaug wrote:

>any of you with unicycling experience have any recommendations for me.

My daughters learned at age 9 and 11 both on a 20" wheel, and for none
of them it was anything too large. So I suggest to buy a 20" unicycle.
16" might be slightly easier to learn, but since he is “very athletic”
it wouldn’t matter much and after a while, the 16" unicycle will be
hardly more than a novelty item. Whereas a 20" can serve him a

Recommendations on WHERE to buy would depend on where you live.

You might want to take a look at my page Tips for Beginners, it’s
squarely directed at people in your position:

You can even use the software to estimate how long it will take him to

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